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Host Issues and NAT Acceleration

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I have gigabit internet and in order to get gigabit speeds I need to ensure that  CTF (Cut Through Forwarding) and FA (Flow Acceleration) accelerator are enabled with my Asus router.


This I believe is the only reason I cannot achieve gigabit speeds on my Netduma router and tend to max out at about 400 Mbps.



When you have CTF or level 1 NAT Acceleration disabled, the router will “store” the entire frame before sending it out to its destination. This holding period may require more router’s CPU use.

Level 2: Level 1 (CTF) + FA (Flow Accelerator): Hardware NAT acceleration mechanism design for accelerating wired DHCP and Static IP connections.
You will need Flow Accelerator option to fully take advantage of internet provider’s Gigabit service is offered.



Port Forwarding Not Compatible

NAT Acceleration is reported to not be compatible with port forwarding feature. This means that when you have the NAT Acceleration, you will typically unable to host gaming sessions from your home. So you will not be able to host any game servers such as Minecraft, MMO, or First person shooters since players will not be able to connect to it.


^ Is this true? And does it potentially cause problems with Black ops 3 on PS4.


And would it be worth it to disable Nat accelleration and live with the speeds it produces with my Asus router.


With it ON:







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First check that Super Turbo is enabled in Settings > Miscellenous. If not, try that. If it is, then consider the below suggestion...


If I were you, I'd test running my Asus as primary with CTF & FA and run the Netduma R1 through one of the LAN ports of the Asus but apply QOS or adaptive QOS and give the Netduma 300/300Mbps.


Run all latency intensive devices through Netduma and apply congestion control (i.e. Gaming consoles or gaming PC w/ hyper traffic)


Run all non latency intensive devices though the other 3 LAN ports of your Asus (assuming you don't have the AC88u which has 8 LAN ports IIRC) and apply QOS or adaptive QOS for those devices.


Try Preemptive on your Netduma (trust me just try it) if you don't like that then use Reactive.


If ALL of the above fails, then turn off CTF and FA. ;)

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Do not take my word for it, however, with super turbo mode on you should be able to achieve ~800mbps. This is because it does use acceleration like you have described - hence why CC is disabled because it uses a lot more CPU. 


I haven't heard anything about it causing issues with port forwarding so I can't give a definitive answer on that.

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