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Titanfall 2 Tech Test Link 8/19-8/21 and 8/26-8/28

major masingil

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Hey Duma Army!


If you're interested in taking part of the Tech Test for Titanfall 2 the link to sign up is below. The tech test will be on consoles only, but they are releasing a PC version. It's free to play. Why not help them break the game? This weekend and next. Let's get some PS4 owners in on this to let us know here at HQ what they think!


They're going to do a couple of maps and a few different game modes like; hard point, pilot killer, capture the flag, and they'll be a few different titans too.  A lot of new changes to the original, should be interesting. You have to sign up for the newsletter and the'll send out a link to the get the game, I think they'll send the link ~ 12 AM PST Friday morning.






Here is a sick how-to video of Advanced TF movement.  The guy who made this video is a really good player. there are also some cool tricks to help keep you alive.


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do I have to wait until the 19th to download? I can't find the thing.

That link that sturdyfugur shared shows how to do it, but I'm pretty sure you have to wait until the 19th for the open tech test.  I just searched for it at the xb store and it didn't appear



Edit 8am 8/19  it's at the xbox store. 17.47 GB!  

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