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Will Hyper-Traffic cancel out the geo filter?

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Will Hyper-Traffic cancel out the geo filter?




With Hyper-Traffic you can enable your gaming traffic to bypass everything in your home, meaning there is no queuing of packets and your gaming traffic leaves/comes in your home first no matter what. This means there should be very little jitter/spiking when gaming.


Hyper-Traffic guarantees that your gaming traffic will always be at the front of your connection, ensuring it is NEVER caught in a queue in your home’s network:


How will Hyper-Traffic benefit me?


To achieve the best possible gaming connection, your gaming traffic needs to travel across the Internet as fast as possible. If other devices in your home are using the Internet, there is a high risk that your gaming traffic will be caught up in queue, even temporarily. This is a particularly big problem if you live in a busy household where many devices are active.


Hyper-Traffic ensures you will never need to worry about this again, as your gaming traffic is automatically pushed to the front of your connection:


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