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  1. Thanks, hopefully they have a quick reply with an easy fix.
  2. same problem on all our devices and PCs. incog doesnt work. cant connect to the wifi on any device
  3. is there a faster response option With tech support? Like a chat? I just wanna use my new R2, it’s basically useless right now.
  4. it wont forget the network because it never connected to it. the password on the bottom of the R2 is not working
  5. when i try to connect with an ios device it say "incorrect password"
  6. Ok, I’m currently out of town. I’ll try it when I get back
  7. So ATT router LAN port connected to the R2 blue internet port. Yes How are you trying to access the interface - does it work with or http://dumaos ? Does not work Do the WiFi LEDs light up and is the WiFi visible? Yes/Yes
  8. I also noticed that the power adapter arcs when plunging into the back of the r2? just wondering if a bad power adapter could of shorted it out the OS some how?
  9. connecting the R2 to a att uverse router on a static ip with no firewall. ( I have a r-700 hooked up the same way with no issues ) no wifi - cannot connect the Ethernet cable connector port works but i cannot access duma os Please help!
  10. Please help, not loading in most of the r-apps. Where should i start? reboot sometimes helps side question: is it ok for my devices IP to be 10.0.0.xx ?
  11. changed the isp modem/router... So far so good. this PACE device has a dmz mode, the other only had "ip pass-through" that I believe was the problem. Side question: Is there a link for recommend settings for the att uverse setup?
  12. changed the nat to open and its still moderate. im getting a new modem/router from my isp to see if that helps
  13. the Ip for the XR was a public static ip, in the BGW. its set as "IP Passthrough" on the BGW. i dont believe the BGW has a DMZ mode
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