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Help with R1 behind a modem/router combo

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I have a friend and fellow gamer that recently purchased an R1. I've been working with him to optimize his setup so that he can make the most effective use of his new router, but we've been running into some roadblocks. He has a Motorola NVG589 router/modem combo at his house, ISP is AT&T (UVERSE). I'll throw out some of the walls we've been hitting below.

  • It doesn't appear that we can completely switch off the router portion of the modem, as they use the service for phone and TV (not sure there's an option to do this anyway).
  • This router has no DMZ or Bridge Mode (it has a mode called IP Passthrough, which routes unknown inbound traffic sent to the AT&T public IP address to the MAC address of a specified device)
  • IP Passthrough may adversely affect the VOIP portion of their service (http://www.dslreports.com/faq/17734
  • This tutorial looks promising, but I'm just paranoid that we're going to nuke some functionality of his TV or Phone system.

Any assistance from people who've been in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated!

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There is a step by step on how to put the NVG589 in passthrough so it's compatible with the duma.


Go to General Support... page 58 and the thread is titled... How to DMZ R1 on Uverse.


I tried to paste the thread in here but it wouldn't work.

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