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Music in YouTube videos?

Netduma Crossy

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I was wondering if anyone who does YouTube or knows about these things has any idea if it is allowed to use a copyrighted song in a YouTube video if your not making money on the video.


I've done it before - some songs where fine; other songs meant that the sound was removed from the video.


I was wondering what the actual rules are. What can I and can't I do regarding putting copyrighted songs on videos that don't make money.


What would the consciences be for doing it if it isn't allowed?


Surely it can't be too different to people who post a song with the song lyrics in a  video?


Thanks for any answers - I appreciate it :)

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its not allowed, even for videos that arent monetarized

the reason some of your songs havent been issued is that they are under a label that doesnt chase those incidents with the same care as other labels


the consequences are account strikes, that when you have enough of those get your account banned

the audio track of the video is also fully removed


if you want licenced music either ask the creator for permission or use licence-free music :)

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Ive made bootlegs and mash ups all of which never got a strike , i once got a not available in germany on one of them then the lable linked the orginal track to buy.


Might have been as it is not the full orginal tracks ive use and say just the vocal of one with the instrumental of another.


Always write something like this.....


Artist name record lable etc


I do not own any copyright , the orginal owner please send me a message and i will take this down.

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