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Slow Wifi speed using Netduma


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I've been having slow speeds with my Netduma since day 1 on newsgroups. When I had my BT HH3 in SABNZB I got DL speeds of 5.2 Mbps, with the Netduma I get 3.8Mbps maximum.


I have tried every setting I can think of in my control panel to sort this, IPV6 is not set, share excess is set in congestion control, all devices have priority 7, download/upload cap is 100% and I've also tried to change the channel of the Wifi but it is still the same speed.


I've tested it wired into the Netduma and I get my full DL speed of 5.2Mbps, however wifi is always 3.8Mbps maximum.


Any ideas on how to fix this?


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Guest Netduma_Iain

If wired is getting full speed. Then its completely to do with interference either physical things in the way or other routers in the vicinity. There is a wifi channel checker program that some users have suggested using. I don't know it of the top of my head but hopefully Zennon or someone will post here later :) 

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Wifi analyzer for android

Shows you congested channels so you can change channel.

Is the duma the only machine handing out wifi in the house? is the HH3 wifi off when the duma is on?


If the HH3 is off have you tried matching the same channel that the HH3 uses?

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