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  1. Am I ok to upgrade? R1 debug version 1.03.5m running on rb-951g-2hnd .
  2. That was great fun! Would be good to have a 4v4 match if we can get that going.
  3. How many games we playing tonight?
  4. Psn tag again for my host is omgitskonvict also I'll be streaming to twitch in konvictvivivi
  5. I'll remember to setup twitch again tonight and I'll stream my game tomorrow
  6. Anyone on my PS4 bracket want to add me my psn id is omgitskonvict. Better start practicing for Sunday, been too involved with Witcher 3 recently.
  7. I agree it's fair to ban variants, removes any upper hand steed/speakeasy/insanity weapons gives and makes it an even playing field.
  8. Dis gonna be gud, does that mean all scorestreaks are banned?
  9. So when are we getting details of this?
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