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Mr fncypants

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Are you talking VOIP phone (like skype) or normal phone?


If it's a normal phone and you're on ADSL sounds like your ADSL filter isn't working or you haven't got one installed on that particular phone socket.


If it's VOIP then congestion control and device prioritisation is where you should tinker.

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Congestion control tab make sure the sliders are set to 100%

Go to speedtest.net and put your speeds up and down in to the set bandwidth tab


Then put the sliders to 70%


And select pre-emptive or reactive as your desired Algorithm


You can also tick Share excess.


This will stop any spikes on your network as others use it.



*But you say its when your wife is on the land line home phone you have problems.

This sounds like a land line fault , is there any crackling on the line when you pick the phone up?*

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Are you from the UK? if so this follow this guide.

Firstly you need to connect to the test socket behind the face plate of the master socket ...... http://www.bttorj45.com/images/nte5testsocketexample.jpg

Ring 17070 Choose option 2 quite line test, listen for any crackles and noise.

You do this to rule out home wiring.

If it still crackles you need to phone up your phone provider and tell them you have a voice fault, crackling on the line.

A voice fault also affects broadband but if you are in the uk they do not rush to fix broadband unless you state its a voice fault.

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Our cable company here allows us to get our land line phones from the modem. So I think that's why I'm having problems when gaming while she is on the phone.

I have my congestion set up for Internet devices. That's why I don't understand the phone problem

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Zennon is correct if it's not VoIP then it had nothing to do with the internet and therefore the router can't help I'm afraid.

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If it causing noise bursts and latency then yes.


I would think about making a call while you do a ping test.


For windows....


press start button/ type run / type cmd in to the run dialogue / in the pop out box type....

ping -t


This will run untill you end it and make a call , see what the effects are.

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I can always tell when my wife is on the phone while I'm playing cod. My hit detection goes to shit. Any way I can fix that?

I have dealt with many line issues in my household.


Your first thing to check -->  do you have a modem/phone filter running to your modem ??   Otherwise you will get the crackling noise and phone calls can cause latency or even worse ....drop outs


As Zennon said above run a ping test on your PC,,, at the same time make a phone call.  If you notice a change/spike in the ping,,, this confirms your phone line is interferring.


You can also tun an isolation test. -->

Disconnect your modem totally.

Pick up your phone.  If the phone line is still crackling then you can assume that there is a fault in you phone line (running from your house to the telephone exchange)

If so, you need to call your telephone company / ISP and report a phone line issue.

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