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I think we need to update the legend for sure. I think you made a post about that right?


SO, are you saying they are within my ping settings? (The ones that look like a Nuclear symbol?)
I get that, but I thought that is what the "strict" button is for.

from everything Ive read, I shouldnt be forced into that lobby. (large circle on the right)


OK thanks Crossy. ez man

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If the large circle on right is a Ping assist server then the Netduma is quite right in allowing it. It's likely an incorrect location or your ping assist setting is too high and letting it in.


What's the ping to server in question?


Remember the Netduma just filters the data as per your settings. If that gives the game 20 viable hosts for example; then the game picks whichever it wants from there (this will include PA as well as servers from within your geofilter radius).

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Why are there 50 freekin hosts marked as ALWAYS ALLOW?

I didnt allow them. And I am constantly forced into a lobby on the other side of the US!

So sup wit dat?


I'm running into the same thing. I'm going clear across the us. its in your area, and i'm on the east coast.

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