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  1. Ive only just set this up (VPN), and am already bothered. My internet speed is 1000Mbps down/40up. When I run xbone thru the xr500 I get, about 300Mbps, which of course is way more that anyone needs, yet when I turn on the Hybrid VPN (express) I get 26Mbps. Thats 26. Seriously. 26. Im going to keep toying with it of course but at first glance this seems a little ridiculous.
  2. I'm mostly a solo player and think it'd be fun to have a few PNW locals to team up with. SEA/PDX/etc Just your average Sweaty Try Hard looking for other Swets so we can yell and scream and have a blast! Call of Duty : BO4 / BO3 / BO1 / MW3 / YADDA YADDA / BORDERLANDS ALSO! -Steve xboxone gt : mitha dirty Mods, if this is not right section feel free to move!
  3. When you get this working, there is a thread that got a sticky for the Icon Legend. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23513-geofilter-legend/
  4. He'd have eight more lives tho. Too bad about the disabler. Maybe thats someting the fellas could write in later
  5. I was going to post this until I used the search option. I've seen this since day one, always thought it was strange, although it did not seem to affect anything. I also just found the "Legend" post which helped out a bit. (Sticky the Legend Post yo!!!)
  6. I've wanted to know this for a while! 1. This should be on the OS somewhere in the settings. 2. This post should be sticky or whatever since Im sure a ton of people wonder this! Thanks
  7. As shown in my tweet (Ian liked it lol), my cat, Mr. Mittens love to sleep on the XR. This creates a problem. He keeps shutting off the wireless! Can this button be disabled? Thanks, -dirtball
  8. IKN?! Why cant they use a plastic/vinyl sticker? dahell is up w/ that.
  9. I'm an OG Squad R1 Early Adopter so already know the benefits. Still gonna take a minute to figure out the new router. Seams way more streamlined, but I'm so used to tweeking its a little strange. I'll just stay up on Sims' tutorials and learn as I go. Ez
  10. This thread is a rip-off!!! (I just bought an XR500 & CM1000 yesterday) How about you give away a time machine!
  11. I am in Seattle [Renton], have 250dn 12up. With or without my trusty R1, I get shot, then see the enemy 9000 seconds after that. I have 1-2 good games, then 10 bad ones. It's. As always in CoD, the guy w/ killer internet gets effed. My ping is 9ms so I'm always host in most of em. Has anyone posted a WW2 Party Settings yet? I can't find one.
  12. mitha dirty XB1 Pacific Northwest US (Seattle)
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