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My friend reset the netduma with the button behind and now he can't access the router software.


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Guest Netduma_Iain

Thanks for the assistance abc.  Was this resolved?


If not nald the reset button on the front of the router only works on version 1.02.7 onwards. It shouldn't brick the router but it will change the wifi password. You need to connect to it via wire and change it back. 

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Hi lain yes it was solved the problem was he first did a reset factory then he press the reset button in front of the duma that was the thing that made the duma go crazy and when he connect it by lan the pc wouldn't work he use the method that abc gave him but he use the mac instead of wifi like the link says he did it by lan and put the ip address manually and it worked. Abc tolde it was a rare case but in case it happens to another dyma crew that's the solution thanks for the support always guys.



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For reference:


This issue would normally be resolved by my unbricking guide: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/542-solution-cant-get-to-netduma-dashboard-netduma-bricked/


However, when hery plugged this duma up via ethernet he wasn't getting any connection.  This is because in System Preferences > Network: his ethernet connection didn't exist he simply had to do the following below then follow the unbricking guide.


How to enable the Ethernet port in Mac OS X

Follow this guide to make sure your Mac's Ethernet port is enabled. Note that this feature should already be enabled by default.


The Ethernet port must be enabled in order for you to connect your router to your Mac via the yellow Ethernet cable. If you plan on connecting wirelessly via AirPort, it is not strictly necessary to enable the Ethernet port.


1. Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences….



2. Click Network.



3. Look for Ethernet on the left-hand side. If it is present, the Ethernet port should already be enabled, and you won't need to follow the steps below.



4. Click the + symbol at the bottom to add the Ethernet interface.



5. Select Ethernet from the Interface drop-down menu. The Service Name should automatically be set to Ethernet. Click Create.



6. The Ethernet interface should now appear in the list on the left-hand side.


The Ethernet interface will show a red spot when the router is switched off, or if it is not connected to the Mac via the yellow Ethernet cable.



The Ethernet interface should show a green spot when the router is switched on and connected to the Mac via the yellow Ethernet cable. (The spot will briefly go amber before turning green.)

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My bad lol but i mean by duma crew all of us that are always helping us each other and thanks abc because he reply to me late last night to help. And for saving hery life because its his first weekend to smash on COD with the duma lol Cheers.

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Is there a way to factory reset the netduma without having access to the Netduma's menu??? Some reason It won't let me in the menu. Says site can't be reached. Any help is most appreciated. Thank you

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