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Hey all, first and foremost I need a mod/admin to confirm if I'm allowed to do this as they will have to download a program in advance for me to help them.


The program is http://www.teamviewer.com/en/so I can access there screen and help them with any problems they have, since each user is different with their netduma and not many people actually take the time to go through cmd and actually get extremely low jitter and no BB + good quality, I will try to help all problems what a posted.


Let me know if this is okay.

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From our perspective that's absolutely fine. As long as both parties understand what happens in this scenario.


You'll have to download the program and allow blakey to take control and change settings for you (or at least see your screen).


Some people aren't comfortable with someone else having control of their computer. As long as everyone understands, it's fine :)


Thanks for helping out blakey!

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