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WiFi Complete Reset - Can You Do This?

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Hi there,


My PS4 simply cannot connect to the router anymore, no matter what I do. Believe me, it is a massive issue and I have spent hours on it. The only way it works is to make my router's wifi security is open, which isn't ideal. Is there a way to change the router's internal wifi, so my PS4 doesn't 'recognise' the router - I have changed the SSID and password AND channel. I managed to connect the PS4 to my WiFi hotspot from my phone, so the issue the PS4 has is solely with the router. Can I reset the MAC address or something similar? I know my internets quite well, but not well enough to get around this issue.




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Firstly I would definitely recommend wired gaming but I realise this is not always possible. 


I'm not sure what you mean by making it so the PS4 doesn't recognise it but no. 


Make sure the network settings on the console are connected via automatic network settings.

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