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Advice on pc protection please help


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Hy all

i know a lot of members here are really helpful and clever and  might be able to help me

I just wandering what you guys could recommend for a pc anti virus protection and ant spyware protectioon

If you could recommend free programmes would be great

I just want to try and make my pc safe as possible

All advice welcome and appropriated             cheers all

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In my opinion, the best anti-virus protection is... To not go to dodgy places on the internet. Seriously.


The only time(s) I received malware / viruses where from either visiting sites that weren't what they advertised, and / or because some idiot on my friends list forwarded me an infected e-mail and I foolishly opened it.


I don't believe in Anti-Virus programs because while they serve a purpose, a lot of times they still slow down systems... Even high-end i7, 32GB RAM, etc. systems... Because they add extra CPU cycles while they scan every single file being used in real time. Many of them are also too intrusive where they disable certain features many of us use on a daily basis like cookies, password remembering, etc. Even if you configure them not not to disable these things, it's still not worth the "peace of mind" when you can just be more proactive in your browsing and downloading habits, IMO.


I apologize if this isn't the response you wanted. This is just how I feel, and I've been building and using PCs for over 25 years, so I thought I would give an alternate perspective ;)

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Thank you for the advice and your help 

Please dont take this as me being rude._._

But i would still like to hear other peoples advice as well if they wouldnt mind  trying to help

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Net etiquette is a real thing.


Going back to free AV both AVG free and Avast free have changed their terms and conditions so that you allow them to collect your browsing data to sell to third party's which is a shame this seems to becoming the norm at the minute.


Avira that has a great detection engine but not great on 0day protection.


Comodo do free AV that does "Ok"


There is 360 essential free (cuts out the crap from the total security package they have) which uses its own and (user has to turn on) Bitdefender and Avira engines  does very well in tests when you enable the two engines, the program is from China.


 Paid for solutions : Kaspersky , Bitdefender


I watch testers throw malware sites and malware at paid programs and they always come out on top.

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Thank you zennon for your help AGAIN

I never relised avg and advast did that 

I used to use those progammes a few years ago

Cheers again for all the help and advice you guys gave

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