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Hello to all,

I blocked(surrounded) my netduma (yes I have make the maj without passing by the forum) I sent an e-mail to have my number RMA, ca tell to go on the forum, I sent a mess to the admin without answer and on the forum I found progress(promotion) on the solution.
What is that you saw a solution?
Thank you in advance



Sorry I use a translator

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Hi Vinss,


What do you mean you blocked your Netduma? Do you mean you bricked it?


How did you do this? Based on that information we can help you. Also what is your original language? 

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Hi Iain,


Vinss is french, let me try to help him to explain the issue.


It seems that Vinss did the upgrade from 1.03.3 to 1.03.6 by himself :/ 


So, he would like to obtain a RMA code in order to send his netduma back to your shop repair.


he already did this request by e-mail to  [email protected], but received an answer saying that he has to make such request using the forum.


 he did it 2times  by sending private message to you or Fraser.

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