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deep packet processing


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is Enable deep packet processing a must for pc for getting the full use out of my netduma as when its enabled i get a speed of




which it flat lines at around 50 down

with Enable deep packet processing disabled im getting




Turbo mode was also need in both resaults.


Any help with this, and any one else getting the same resaults

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I got this when I tested it with it on or off


This was with it on




and off



both tests were done with turbo mode on (I pay for 150/12 but have CC on so it's choking it a bit) 


Here's what the NetDuma guide says about Deep Packet Processing


"Deep Packet Processing

The 'Enable deep packet processing' option is located in the Miscellaneous section under settings.

Deep packet processing allows the router to use more power to analyse PC game packets to be shown with the Host Analysis feature. Disabling deep packet processing disables the Host Analysis feature.

The only reason to disable it is if you have higher than a 100mbps Internet connection and you want to achieve higher speeds with the R1."

Hope that helps

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