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internet keeps cutting out

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 Internet Service Provider and Modem Configurations  
 What ISP Service do you have? Cable or DSL? 
 What ISP Modem Mfr. and model # do you have? 
 What ISP Modem service link speeds UP and Down do you have? 
 By-pass the main host router and check internet connection by connecting a wired LAN PC directly to the ISP modem to verify connection access and ISP speeds.
 Check cable between Modem and Router, swap out to be sure. Link>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAT6is recommended.  
 Check ISP MTU requirements, Cable is usually 1500, DSL is around 1492 down to 1472. Call the ISP and ask. 
 For DSL/PPPoE connections on the router, ensure that "Always ON" option is enabled. 
 If the ISP modem has a built in router, it's best to bridge the modem. Having 2 routers on the same line can cause connection problems: Link>http://www.practicallynetworked.com/networking/fixing_double_nat.htmand http://computer.howstuffworks.com/nat.htm If the modem can't be bridged then see if the modem has a DMZ option and input the IP address the router gets from the modem and put that into the modems DMZ. Disable any ISP modem WiFi and filters like firewalls and such.
Is wireless enabled on the R1 or disabled? 

atleast 5 times a day now, i just reboot router and it fixesbut its getting annoying 

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isp is plusnet (uk) im not using the router they sent me as its now broken netduma is the only thing working, im using wifi for laptop but wired for my ps4 both connections go at the same time. 40/20 is my down and up


What is your R1 connected to? If not the ISP router? 

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