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Device Manager inaccurate

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Hi there

i'm new to the community

just setting up my duma right now.

i finde the device manager is inaccurate. i don't see all the devices, not even if they are wired.

as you can see on the screens i have more devices listed than what the duma shows.


i must add: some devices are connected trough 2 other access points (mr18 and mr26) - but some devices are connected directly to the netduma via a switch. i can access all devices, i just don't see them in the list. anything i'm doing wrong?





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Your devices that are connected to the access points won't show up on you're device manager,everything connected directly to the duma either via wireless or wired will show up

cheers Benormous


can't agree with you 100% - like on my screens, the mobile devices where connected trough the AP's, and they show up. some directly to the duma connected wired devices don't show up.

somehow i can't figure out why some devices show up, and some not. but for the devices not showing up i can't set the congestion control

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It may not be a bug as I've seen other MFr routers behave in the same way with Static IP addressed devices. It's all how it handles Dynamic, Reserved and Static on the router.


Also unknown names are due to usually the device not having a actual host name since some routers try to handshake to get this information to use in the connections list. Some routers can get the make or model info depending.

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Okay so the duma is detecting them. Do they appear in congestion control under device prioritisation?


It's likely the first IP was one it had before and then changed. You can set them to static in DHCP lease to prevent this happening.

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