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Spikes in Ping

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Hi Guys, hope all are well!


Has anyone suffered with really bag lag in the past few days?


Router has been spot on until just recently where i will skip all over the place.


My Ping is normally 17ms but will spike up and down like a yo yo.


Im actually still playing ok, but its nothing like it used to be.


Not blaming the router btw just seeing if anyone had same issues or is there something i can tweak!


Cheers in advance!!

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Are you using congestion control and are all devices in your home connected to the R1?

Yes and most!


However today moved my home location a little and have been on a different dedi with actually a slightly higher ping.


0 lag, 0 spikes, 8 games of no less than a 4KD and ridiculously good hit detection!


Dont know why, but i love it!

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