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BO3 Multiplayer Starter Pack


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So, what do you guys think of this:




I linked the PC version because I couldn't find a PS4, or XB1 link, but I am sure they are trying this there, too, where the population is even greater.


With the MP Starter Kit players can...


Play all the MULTIPLAYER ONLINE game modes
Play every Maps (DLC maps as well if you buy them, confirmed on Twitter by PCDev)
Play SplitScreen Online
PaintShop for customize your gun Skin
BlackMarket for buy cool items
What players can't do:
Mini Game such as Dead Ops Arcade 2
CUSTOM Online Games (for example, a private match with only your friend)
Join Custom or Modded servers when they will be added to the game
Once you reach Level 55 (max level in Multiplayer) you can't erase your profile for start from 0 or go Prestige
Is this a good idea?
Is this a glimpse of things to come?
Many CoD fans have been asking for a "MP Only" game like "CoD Online" in China. Even the SP-only players have been asking so each respective piece be separate, so they all receive equal time and development.
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this was mention on acti's forum a while back after tmartin did a vid, there were no details at the time and people thought it would be for pre levelling like destiny did with the taken king.


for someone like myself who only plays the online mp part it looks a great deal from the pricing aspect and is bound to pull in extra players.


a cynical person may see an ulterior motive for offering this starter pack though, given that it will enable a lot more people the chance to spunk loads of money in the black market. 

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Thanks, for all the responses so far :)


In principle, I don't have a problem with this because what it does is offer a cheaper way to get into CoD MP... Especially if you don't want to play Campaign, or Zombies.


The only roadblock I see is CoD MP is often very short lived because a new one comes out every year.


I still don't understand why Activision has not even tried CoD Online in America. Taking the best maps and weapons from ALL previous CoDs and putting them in an online-only game? That would sell just on volume alone and they could potentially make it a F2P just like it is in China where only cosmetic things can be bought, but you still unlock weapons and gear by just playing online like normal CoD.


Now, that I think about it, I know exactly why they haven't tried this business model in the states, yet: It would cut into the yearly CoD releases... They think. I am of the opinion they would probably make MORE money with CoD Online (here) than their yearly releases. If they are worried about decreased sales for those who don't want to play MP, then just sell the SP and even Zombie portions at a fraction of the cost and everybody is happy, more or less?

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I'm okay with it. It's almost like a paid beta/demo. You can't prestige? I didn't look at the price, but that's kind of cheesy. If you're willing to skip the campaign, zombies etc., you should be able to still have access to all the other mp options. Maybe they're just trying to hook more people.

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