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A few Questions regarding setup

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I play Xbox One.


Should I enable bleeding cloud? I see mixed info around the fourm.

Second, when it comes to ping assist i've seen a few members say to add about 10-15ms to base ping.

My duma has a base ping of about 15ms should I just add 15, or go the forum recommended between 40-50ms?

If my Xbox One has a ping of 45 should i be adding 10-15ms to that?


Other than that I'm all set up and absolutely in love with this router.

I've had it about two weeks and have lurked the forum, an I gotta say this router and forum community are the best!

I've owned 3 $200 gaming routers before the Duma and all 3 just don't compare.

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm still unsure about bleeding cloud?

The wiki makes it sound like it should be off.

It reads something to the effect of, "we highly recommended unchecking bleeding cloud these are experimental updates that have not been tested."


On the ping assist side can a few Xbox Owners tell me what they use?



I just wanna be absolutely sure about my settings.

Any further feedback is greatly appreciated!

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That particular statement is dated so I would not put much emphasis on it.  Make your sure you have enable auto cloud and bleeding edge selected.  


And when it comes to finding the best ping assist value. First run internet diagnosis and you should find a min/avg/max for your ping. Use the avg and add 10 to it. For this case mine is 10 so I will add 10 and my ping assist will be 20.  

So based on my ISP and connection that is the lowest ping I can connect to.  And I am ok with that.  So I would set my ping assist to this value and leave it.  





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Thank you very much for the quick reply!

You forum members rock!!

Best forum for a router I've ever been in!


My fingers are crossed that .6 comes out tomorrow!

It could make monday less horrible.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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