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[Solved] Not getting my full fiber speed with netduma

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Hi guys, iv just had fibre to home installed into the house and the speed ECT i am getting from the BT router is


Ping:17ms  DL: 74.60 MB  UP: 20.66


But when i put it through the netduma im getting


Ping:18ms    DL:65.12 MB    UP:16.42


i was just looking for some advice on how i can get the full speed of my internet  through my netduma


Thanks! :-)

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Sweet mate,did you ever get you're netduma sorted with the 900+ping issue?I remember you telling me about it that night we wrecked everything in sight ha,good night's gaming that was

Yea it kinda sorted its self out like two days ago, just seemed to stop slowing up just hope it stays like it now, and yea that was a good gaming sesh! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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