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  1. nope, Irish sever isn't blocked and i connect to it a lot of the time
  2. Hi guys, i'v had my Netduma R1 for quiet a while now, (a little bit after AW was released) and when i first got it and started using it i was amazed, hits where registering extremely well, there was minimal lag and the all round online gameplay was just better, but for the last year or so now i feel that my R1 has just become a bit useless hits not registering, takes ages to find games and lag spikes, i'm not sure if this has got anything to do with the fact that iv upgraded my internet from standard broadband to fibre (Ping:11 DL:75 UP:19) around the time of BO3 was released,but since the release of BO3 and IW i just feel it doesn't really make a difference to my online experience anymore,if i use the Geo-filter i connect to EU servers and ping around 15-25 ms but it takes forever to find lobbies and a lot of the time it tells me 0 matches found and puts me into a lobby by myself, if i don't use the Geo-filter my ping is exactly the same, i'm still connecting to the EU servers but i find games/lobbies almost instantly, with other games such as battlefield, overwatch etc i dont use the Geo-filter at all as i feel its not needed. I just wondered if anyone else feels the same way/ having the same issue or am i doing something wrong? and yes i have updated all the setting in the R1 since iv had Fibre installed. P.S im not bashing on the Netduma R1 in anyway, it's one of the best pieces of equipment i have purchased in recent years, i just feel its not as useful as it once was. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  3. i cant believe i missed this!! so gutted is there going to be another one any time soon??
  4. im up for it and im on xbox one
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