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So there's been a fair few spammy members joining recently.
Generally they advertise some extremely questionable content, some of which was grotty sissy pr0n.

No one on the netduma forum should have to be exposed to such disturbing content , we're here for the netduma not that gross shit o_0.


Anyways , my suggestion is this:

In order to unlock the ability to post , your forum account should require the product number from your netduma.
This would mean each forum account would be tied to their netduma product number , users that aren't customers wouldn't be able to post etc, at least not in certain sections of the forum.

There could be a public forum where all members can post , but links should be filtered.
I know it's not extremely bad right now , but as netduma grows , more of these spammers will join and spread this crap.

Just keep in mind , this is only a suggestion , it could be improved upon.
I just know there's a few kids on here that don't need to see that stuff.





Also just a quick note , the forums have been going offline quite regularly recently , only for short periods of time.

Not sure if the teams aware of the issue or not.

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The posts are from spambots there is measures in place to stop bots but some get through.


There has been tighter enrollment in the past but this stops legit users signing in with facebook or twitter.

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