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Working Theory for East Coast USA Players in BO3


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Like most of you I've been struggling to find good games in BO3. 

Thankfully the Netduma gives us the ability to find those good games. 

I'm not going to lie, it took me months to figure out how best to adjust the Netduma to get those good games. 

Patience and Determination are very much needed.


So my working theory on why some people aren't finding those good games in BO3 is because of the game's


This is based solely on my physical location and my own testing. 

For those of us on the East Coast of the USA, we can be matched up with anyone from the West Coast of USA to Europe to even Central America without using the Netduma. That is how ridiculous the BO3 matchmaking system is. Just disable the Netduma, zoom out on the geo filter map and you'll see for yourself.


Now when we Enable the Netduma and set it up so that we have the Lowest Ping games by setting our Home location right on top of our physical location and setting the Ping Assist to 50ms or less, we will get destroyed in a majority of games because of matchmaking.

The Netduma only allows us to connect to a Server within our parameters, which means anyone can still connect to that same server and since I live on the East Coast, I could still potentially have people joining from the West Coast, Europe, Central America, etc. Matchmaking will do this even more so when you are searching for a game type that not many people are playing, since it wants to fill up the lobby it will need to search a larger and larger area. 

You will occasionally have a great game, but that is most likely because everyone in your lobby is close to you physically and their pings are relatively close to one another. 


The reason behind this is the piss poor Netcoding that the game has. BO3's game engine has one of the highest lag times for an online game. 

It also has different upload and download packet transmission rates. Thanks to Itr7 for showing us this. 



We can't beat this but we can sure as shit fight back!


So how can we fight this.

Well, you need to adjust your settings so that your ping to the server is the average ping of everyone in your lobby. 

For instance, there are 8 players in your lobby. Two have a 15ms ping, Three have a 50ms ping, Two have an 80ms ping, and you have a 38ms ping. The average ping for that lobby is 37.25ms. So your ping of 38ms is the same as the average of the lobby. 

This will give you the best chance of having a fair fight. And that is all I want. Let my skill be the deciding factor in whether or not I lose a gun battle, not the damn game's poor ass netcoding. 


So how can you achieve this.

That is a little tougher, but not impossible.

We need to connect to a Server that isn't hosting anyone from Europe or Central America, no offense to those people I just don't want to deal with the game's shitty ass Lag Comp from poor Netcoding. 

How I do that is to set up my GeoFilter in the Midwest with a radius of 900 miles or so and turn the Ping Assist off by setting it to Zero. Most people in those lobbies will be from North America and everyone in that lobby should have a ping of less than 80ms. 

Remember that not everyone is going to show up on your GeoFilter. So you may not see that one person who has a high ping. 


Pictures of my settings will be at the end of this post.


The following points are also some things you should be doing: 


-Set the Netduma as your Primary router. I had the Netduma behind my Asus because I wanted other devices in my house to get my paid-for speeds.After the 1.03.5 update came out, I immediately switched routers to make the Netduma my Primary router and set my Asus up as an Access Point. I've never looked back. The Netduma uses FQ-Codel which is the best algorithm for defeating bufferbloat. Having the Netduma as your Primary router also allows the Congestion Control to work for every device in your house.

-You need to have a large radius so that the game is able to find people for you to play against. Too many of us have a small GeoFilter. The larger you make the GeoFilter, the faster you'll find a game. 


-You need to have an Open NAT on both the Console and in the game. 

I can get an Open NAT with the Netduma set with Auto DHCP and UPnP enabled. 

I find having static IPs makes things much more difficult. The Netduma's UPnP is the best of any router I've used. 

There are plenty of forum posts to help you get an Open NAT so I'm not going to go into detail on that.


-Follow Dillenger and Zennon's Bufferbloat thread. Shootout to those folks!


Ever see the killcam and say to yourself, "that is not what happened!". 

Getting your Bufferbloat to an A+ will stop those WTF! moments. 

Having an A+ on Quality is also a good thing since that means your Jitter is very low.

http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest is the best site ever. 


-Remember that you are not a COD GOD. You will not win every fight. This setup is just to get the game to be FAIR.

I make it a habit to check the Lobby Leaderboard before every match. If I am First in that then I will most likely come in First place in that match. If I am Fifth in the Lobby Leaderboard then I can expect to come in Fifth Place. There will be times when it doesn't work out that way by it will 90% of the time. 



What it comes down to is connecting to a Server that doesn't have a huge variation in Player Ping Times. 

I hope you guys find that sweet lobby. 

Don't give up on the Netduma. It's getting better and better with every update. 

Shoutout to the Developers for giving us gamers a fighting chance!!!!


My Settings:








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Good stuff, I have mine set mostly to your setup and its working on xboner on double lag weekend. Although the R1 is not my primary router and my download is at 60% to get that A+ for bufferbloat. Like you said you will still have some WTF moments but I think mine are cause Im old. LOL Good stuff!

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I play with friends that are party leaders from the east coast.  I play with GF off, but have the map zoomed all the way out.  I have noticed that we do get a lot of players from central and southern America.  We occasionally get European players too.   I presumed that it was partied players, but there was no way to prove it.


One night I did some testing.  I played solo in mercenary lobbies (i.e. no parties) with my home on the west coast and east coast.  I noticed that the east coast servers were more likely to have players outside the US.  The west coast servers had a higher frequency of US players.

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