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Solo 154 Kills | Black ops 3 Gameplay - Ownage


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Nice scoreline. Is there a reason you uploaded it in Fast forward? lol.  It would be nice to see the gameplay smoothness and hit detection of the duma for purposes of comparison

 Total Game play is 17 Mins, I can upload 15 mins as I do not own a elgato - that's if you'd like :)

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Tried to watch it.... Until the guy started singing:)

How do you get 154 kills? As I thought the maximum was 100 in TDM

Or can you have what you want in party or custom games?

You can always mute :P .


No gamemode has a kill limit except for team death match.

This was a uplink game in chaos moshpit - lasted 3 rounds and a total of 15 mins *5 mins each round. 4th round ended because my team scored in the first 20 seconds.

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