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What would my optimal setup be?

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Hi, not sure if im posting this in the right place so please excuse me.


Im currently with BT on a 38/9Mbs package, I have 3 options as to how configure my netduma & was wondering if there is a preferred way.


1) The first way is to have the HomeHub5 which doubles up as a modem & router, which then goes to the Netduma via powerline adapter.

2) Second way is I have a Openreach modem which I can unlock & configure which then goes to the Homehub5 then to the netduma via powerline.

3) Have the openreach modem go straight to the netduma & have the netduma used as the main router.


Hope someone can give me some advice.

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So is there any kind of setup guide or any tips on this setup i could look at?

I use the open reach modem direct into the R1 using PP0E and it works great :) I posted my settings here if they are of any help http://bagsta69.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/netduma-r1-settings-and-happy-new-year.html



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