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Misc settings guide???

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Is there a one page guide that detail what each of the misc settings on the Netduma does complete with an explanation of when/how they should be used?


The Wiki does not seem to detail al of the possible settings and other than searching through multiple forum posts I thought a simple table (setting, description, advice) linked from a Wiki page or the Misc settings page might do the trick. 


  • Enable deep packet processing. 
  • Allow auto feedback(no personal data ever) to help improve the R1. 
  • Allow remote access to Netduma tech support. 
  • Enable upnp forwarding. 
  • Enable multicast snooping. 
  • Enable link-local IPv6. 
  • Access control panel from WAN(not recommend). 
  • Enable cookies. 
  • Enable wifi work-around. 
  • Stealth Mode. 
  • Turbo mode. 
  • Super Turbo mode (disables CC). 



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