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  1. Hi Fraser, that firmware was there for a little while I've rolled through every single firmware available at the time and factory reset each time. Tho I thought I try it again just for the hell of it and used the reset button on the back this time and it actually seems to have fixed it, the only thing now all servers pop up as peers but I can more than live with that.
  2. Hi Liam sorry I've been very busy lately been moving house and completely forgot to check in and yes it's warzone, I get the error "it's taking longer than expected". And no matter how many times it'll time out it just doesn't seem to get server locations in properly located or even in a proper country.
  3. Hi, as title suggest my R2 just can't get the cloud updated and my servers are mislocated all over the place, I tired factory reset disabling QoS deleting device. It always times out, and when I ban servers it still seems to connect to them, also when I'm gaming it always shows random peer connections all over the world.
  4. So I was experimenting with the qos settings, I think I have fixed the problem seems like these were my issues: 1.I had to switch back to BT hub since g fast modem caused more jitter for some reason. 2.Due to location to try and keep it out from reach of my kids my bt hub was in a cupboard little did I know it overheated and caused the inconsistent connection for me and those unprioritized packets which now have gone to a 0 since. 3. I accessed my BT hub2 settings and realised that it was issuing IP addressed to all my wired devices. I solved that by disabling DHCP. Literally after disabling DHCP my connection instantly became insanely good. I also have used tftp client to flash the older version of dumaos onto the router since it seemed to always run more stable I'm attaching some end of game scores to share my joy since this reminds me when I first got my R1 and makes me feel all nostalgic about it 😂
  5. Hi again, I have recieved my laptop today and I factory reset the router and set it up completley using the laptop. I have done the ping plotter test and here are my current results: Plugged directly to the modem: https://imgur.com/a/XlDSZmS Pingplotter to XR500 .56 firmware QOS off (my average use netflix and social media): https://imgur.com/a/3vOEvqU Pingplotter to XR500 .56 firmware QOS on 70/70 (my average use netfilx and social media): https://imgur.com/a/RCGJNlD Also the router still seems to detect high priority traffic when the QOS is completley off and will engadge as usual when I boot up a game on my ps4 though anti-buffer bloat takes no effect and still provides full speeds: https://imgur.com/a/e8Byten Another thing I have noticed as well since I setup using the laptop, my laptop manages to use UPNP and open ports using it but my console still seems to be unable to utilize the UPNP. I'm running PPPOE login on the XR500 and it has been the exact same way before, it worked fine on DHCP before so I'm just going to assume that it will work now aswell (opening ports on the PS4 using UPNP I mean) I'm not too bother by it since I usually tend to put my console into the DMZ, just though I'd let you know since I noticed a few people have been plagued by similar issues in this forum. I haven't had the chance to play any games and to see whether I can notice games playing off or my bullets doing the 0 damage like before I'll test it tomorrow and see how it "feels"/ plays.
  6. Sorry for the late replay been slightly busy. But yes the jitter directly follows me from server to server even If I use my geo filter to force only UK, French, German etc. server and so on. The older firmware has very similar jitter to my R1 while the .56 gives me about additional 10ms jitter. And I ordered a laptop to check the priority detected light also I will run a ping plotter when I can just to make sure it's not my line, but that will be probably Thursday-friday time next week.
  7. Well I'm testing it from my phone I got an ethernet adapter for my phone 😅. Speeds with that seem to be spot on anyway I use app called "Ping Tool" and I ping google dns just as the R1 does. XR500 and R1 both say I ping 12ms to London based BO4 and WW2 server I have kept an eye on the ping fluctuations and it never goes up to more than 14ms. As for the jitter in the game I can only check BO4 traffic meter which I sat and monitored pretty much for entire matches apart from when I moved not to get kicked. The .56 I can visually see that game jitter for about 15ms on the .40 ingame jitter is visibly more stable bc ping seems to only fluctiuate about 5ms bc my ingame ping is usually around 29-32ms or thats as low as it'll go. And using the phone app with ethernet plugged into it pinging the dns servers my result are very closely aligned with the results R1 provides I spend several hours looking at that too just to see if there would be any spikes/higher jitter. Fact is whenever the QOS is disabled it seems to play better which is currently just suggesting that there's some sort of Issue with the DPI on the XR500 when handling the game packets. unfortunately I couldn't test directly to the modem since phones don't support pppoe login so it was done from R1 and XR500 when they had been loged in using pppoe directly to the modem.
  8. Well I had to sell my pc before my youngest was born 😅 so I can't really check on it but if I check it on ps4 Web browser it seems to be exactly the same, I mean I might try to see if I can borrow a laptop. Because if I can I was thinking of trying to use netgear tftp client to see if it'll fix the issues.
  9. Yeah it's in the QOS tab I'll attach couple of screenshots to show exactly what I mean. When I'm gaming light comes on when my ps4 goes off or I turn the game off so does the light.
  10. Right so I had couple of days to play and try out the new settings, it seemed to work perfect for about 4 hours, then the exact same issue reoccurred. I tried to play with sliders a little more but didn't help. I ended up completely disabling QOS which seemed to actually for whatever reason help also in all cod games my usual 7 sensitivity started to feel like 14, which was very weird but my matches been amazing hit reg on point not getting super bulleted actually taking damage from single bullets and not just instantly dying. The only problem with that was whenever my misses put netflix on my ping sky rocketed and thus my game suffered. Today I tried the settings again but it didn't work, so I factory reset and put back the settings I had before in and it made no difference. Since I'm an early bird I just pluged my R1 so I could enjoy a couple of matches and R1 was flawless giving me the same increased sensitivity which was also weird. There after I plugged in the XR500 again so my misses could watch her netflix and XR500 seems to work again with these settings. Which is now making me completely confused as to why it keeps working and then just pretty much stopping. Also I noticed even with QOS disabled the "High Priority Traffic Detect" light comes on the only thing I can think off is maybe the software on it is corrupt in some way and needs a complete fresh install?
  11. Alright I'll do that now and report back in the couple of days, just to make sure to rule out the placebo effect thank you again.
  12. So the ports I'd have to use are the same ones used for open NAT? Like the ps4 ports tcp 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480 and udp ports 3478-3479? Would the destination ports be the same or should I have destination ports from 1-65535? Thank you for the replies and explanations
  13. Hi Fraser, Yes I have and currently am using the geo filter, I have tried UK, French, German, Spanish, Russian and even American servers. I tried ping filtering by shrinking the geo filter to minimum size and placing it over the ocean I filtered between 30-50ms I tried deleting my device putting my device in spectate mode nothing changes it (match making with only ping filtering seems to take much longer). It seems like it's a rather odd issue maybe the DPI is inspecting every single packet rather than the first few packets of the game which is doing that? Also I seem to get quite a few unprioritized packets in the background for download and upload that also happens when it's only me playing and everyone in the house is asleep. Though I got to say I had a 0 unprioritized packets with dumaos on the R1.
  14. Hi, I recently managed to get myself a second hand XR500. I seem to be having some sort of DPI issue with duma classified games router tends to detect priority traffic but it doesn't seem to be correct. For example it's mostly noticeable in BO4 where I can see the ingame ping. With only dumaos classfied games checked I get jitter in game about 15-5ms. Same happens if I chose my ps4 as console with dumaos classfied games disabled. But when I enter the ports manually 1-65535 in source and destination my ingame jitter drops to about 5-3ms resulting in a way smoother gameplay of any call of duty game. I tried using a bt hub 2 and having XR as dhcp with all devices connected to it and using a modem with it I tried netgear dm200 and now a bt g.fast modem with pppoe details on the xr. And my gameplay only seems smooth when using all the ports prioritised with dumaos classfied games disabled. The issue I get with it is that when dumaos classfied games is on I can notice a delay in hit markers which I'd say is about 50-100ms but it happens randomly during the gun fights. Also that results my bullets going completely blank and doing no damage for example using the sword fish in bo4 its a 5 shot kill gun but with the dumaos classfied games enabled it can take as much as 15 bullets to kill or it can take just the 4 which is weird. I usually play at about 12-13ms ping to the server in uk. At least that's what autoping is reporting. I get 142 down and 30 up I have my qos sliders set at 70% set as always. If I plug in my r1 with original fw it tends to work perfectly also if I run the test on r1 I get exceptional on everything with ping variation only being about 0.5ms. The reason I don't want to use the r1 is because it doesn't cover the whole house with wifi and my missis complains 😅 so the XR500 seemed like a reasonable investment. I tried rolling back to which seemed to make jitter slightly better at about 10-3ms but I had same inconsistencies with the gameplay. But both firmware versions seem to work really well just with all ports in traffic priotization. I was just wondering wether it's a know bug or am I just setting something up wrong?
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