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    I totally understand.. Thanks for the extra info on your flower.. I noticed your screenshots as well.. Thanks for posting your screenshots of that as well.. It helps to trouble shoot things easier..I seen your screenshot of your connection both when a big download is taking place and when not.. To me it sounds like you have everything setup correctly..  Hopefully Netduma can see whats the cause.. I myself am confused as to why this is happening.. I will follow this.. Im always very curious to understand things like this.. Imo your connection should remain stable even with bigger downloads going on.. 
    Hope this gets sorted.
    If I think of anything else I will post.
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    Awesome, thank you
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    UPnP opens ports needed for the game, this will mostly just affect what people you're able to connect with online. It won't do anything for bullet registration. Ping variance is due to the fact they likely add processing delay and other factors into their ping estimate whereas the one from the router is a direct ping to the server. Regardless you have a very good ping to the game. If it's not as good as you think it could be I'd try one of the other servers
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