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  1. Hi, im having the same issue, cant get party chat to work, i thought i might be able to fix it by opting out of my isp providers CGNAT scheme and upgrade to a static IP thinking it would allow either upnp or portforwarding to work. Outcome no change and xbox chat is still not working, also as party chat is natively ipv6 now not being provided an ipv6 address seams to be the problem, however the toredo tunneling seams to be correcting triggering the upnp on port 3074 (thats the only port that seams to show on the netduma when viewing the setting) Im observing a strange behaviour in that my current set up is providing me excellent in game connection with 20ms ping to cod severs and it being very stable with no jitter. Best consistent connection in games ive had for a long time, severao years actually, but my friends are telling me the can understand me when i talk in game chat coz my chat is lagging so much illegible. This is very odd coz my connection Is more then capable 50/20 mbps and im the only user and has congestion control giving me a+ and geo filters disabled, and console is connected by lan cable, and chat works fine when not using the netduma. Well party chat works properly only the first time the console is turned on after the isp router is powered on and settings changed as appropriate, but as soon as the console is turned off or restated the only way to connect to xbox live is a power cycle of every device in the chain. (Which is australia on nbn is 3 devices, the nbn connection box, the isp modem router, and then the xbox series x console) and removing the power from eaxh every time is just to much fart arsing around its really putting me of wanting to play. If i can provide you with anything that might help you identify and troubleshoot this problem id be happy to help,
  2. The OPs post is identical to my issue, xbox series x error when connection to xbox live party chat, although game chat works fine, i can talk and hear others. this only occurs when the netduma is connected regardless off any settings or turning off any features. however with any other router used in its place (i have more then 5 routers that i have acquired over the years, that are many years old but work fine) xbox party chat works normally. This is despite going through the xbox network test features and getting good results for all and it reporting that my nat is open. However it does say im connected via ipv4 and recommends going to xbox.com/ipv6. Basically that page suggests enable ipv6 if possible as many xbox features are now native ipv6
  3. I recently updated to new gen and it hasn't been as pleasant as i would have hoped. Many issues trying to play COD Cold war such as games disconnecting near the end of the match and throwing me to the dash board, other times it will disconnect me to the pregame lobby but the console is signed out of xbox live and nothing can be down to "get the console back online' requiring a shutdown and reboot. This would then occur 90% way throw the next MP match and repeat and so on. Also starting xmas eve ive unable to connect to xbox live parties which doesn't matter if i start the party and people join me or if i try to join others either alone or already in a group. this is occurring while the xbox OS reporting open nat and the in game COD settings also reporting open nat. Also I've got the geo filter entire world, with 100ms ping assist enabled and strict mode is unticked. This is obviously not supposed to be filtering out any lobbies and was done in an effort to troubleshoot whether i was having the above issues due to unintentionally blocking out something that was resulting in my issues. And no improvement seamed to occur. Also the old trick of removing power from every network device and powering on each one separately starting at the modem, waiting for it to be ready, them powering on the Netduma and waiting 5 minutes for it to be ready, then onto the xbox and then my PC so i can log into the netduma. This would basically have to be done every time, and was the only way to resolve the issues just to be able to search for a game, and it would either let me play a few games before being disconnected or would disconnect me from the first lobby. And ive given up trying to "fix" party chat coz im spending at least twice as much time rebooting things and checking device settings ect then i am playing. As the netduma interface when logged in from my I7 PC using chrome is frequently struggling with error messages about Rapps not loading and requiring being rebooted (using the software button) and the strange thing is sometimes the Beep from the router occurs within a second or two or might be longer then a minute or two before it can be heard. Ive requested in the Beta Post about being given access to the new beta firmware, and would love that to be the magic bullet to solve my currents issues but would also love to hear any ideas you may have to eitherway. And FYI all devices are using a cable connection with the only wireless device connected in the household being my mobile phone
  4. they missed the original announced launch date by 2 years and still haven't given any kind of explanation, so dont expect anything more then being strung along until we all stop wanting want we were promised and in many cases actually paid for (anyone who purchased the R1 during the announced DumaOS period, expecting to be able to access it when promised). if they were being honest about the situation they would regularly be making status updates, even just checking in to say "sorry but no further news at this time" which is the very least that the netduma crew owes all of us, but instead getting info from them is harder then pulling teeth, which atleast to me makes them untrustworthy, any there unlkely to ever earn another $1 from me without significant change in there business practices.
  5. this guys ping was not a spike, it was consistently this level for two lobbies
  6. The only thing that matters on this topic is when the known list of devices that dont work is 2 pages long and the known working devices is only as handful, the blame belongs with netduma, regardless of alledged issues in chipset firmware, those incompatible devices work perfected fine with millions of products for millions of worldwide users.
  7. im not trying to offend anyone but this is appalling, The amount of incompatible modems, or devices which causes the netduma to not work optimally coming from such a broad range of different manufacturers and most being the most widely used modems in the world should be ringing alarm bells in the netduma offices about their poor technical work which needs immediate action, and whats worse is that it appears that at from your public views on the matter that the netduma team is trying to pass the buck and blaming everyone else. The modems and devices out there which work perfectly fine with every other device imaginable ranging from cheap crap to the most expensive devices that have the ability to be networked may not all have the best examples of text code as firmware but they work seemingly fine with everything else, so please explain why your device and your work isnt to blame, you cant because its your job to make your device work with the modems your customers are likely to be using. All the praise you have received for your so called extraordinary device seams to have given you egos the size of skyscrapers and you have dropped the ball massively. not to mention all the people who have spent hundreds of hours troubleshooting and urging their isp to fix problems you insisted has to be issues with there line, and all the money replacing cables and devices at home trying to eliminate issues at home, in some cases wasting thousands of dollars when there wasn't anything wrong with their isp, their line or anything part of there home network. A hard look at yourself is needed and all your big noting yourself about being the only router to beat lag, claiming to be the best in the world at what you do, claiming to write the best QoS code ever written ect ect is a joke, if any of it is actually true, some long hours and late nights are needed to resolve the problems with you code. wake up to yourself, and take responsibility for your own mess. How about making a rock solid product instead of doing everything half arsed and adding more and more features to something so very broken. That's product development 101 right there. Im hoping you prove to be not another one off these fad companies, developing and selling something that cant live up to the advertised claims and when all the problems no longer can be explained away and your customers realize your product hasn't lived up to expectations and get sick of the excuses and 3 years of the same thing, that close shop never to be heard again.
  8. a quick update from a issue i was complaining about a while back which we could not find a solution to or reason for the occurrence, im now certain of the cause of this problem and wanted to give a heads up to everyone and also request a way to stop it from causing any more problems. i tried searching for the thread to link but nothings coming up, sorry, But you might remember it was about my xbox one and the network monitor showing a large amount of unusual ports and the bandwidth the xbox was using was excessively high, as shown in the attached pic. The main offender of the high upload bandwidth usage was https traffic and im now certain of the reason and it is game studio, ie taking screenshots or 'xbox record that' clips. these being uploaded to xbox servers happens in the background immediately until completed and obviously having it hog all available upload bandwidth is going to make games no fun. while it would have been nice for Microsoft to upload these in a similar manner as they do for downloading game updates and system updates when the console is off, or even automatically pause it while playing MP and resume when not playing online, but im hoping thats something Fraser can help with. The problem is the game often uses random ports for game data so hyper traffic using specific ports isn't a solution currently, but would a tweak of the default hyper traffic profiles so that all game traffic for xbox live but not this type of traffic (ie no HTTPS) be possible to do, or something else to achieve the same result? i think this would help everyone, as i consider myself to be an infrequent user of both features (screen shots or game clips) compared to everyone on my friends list at least, as the community tab on the xbox dashboard shows a never ending amount of content with often only minutes between posts, and with social media use in general increasing all the time, this is likely to only get worse, and with it hopefully being a simple thing to fix, it would be nice if it is something that can be added soonish. (i can be impatient occasionally, and while ASAP would be ideal, i expect its unlikely to happen until after the dumaOS release, so wiil try to be patient )
  9. All good mate. I'm keen to know what you see when u look at the resource monitor network tab especially under the tcp connections part. It was apparent immediately why getting IPv6 working was a blessing
  10. Disconnect all devices attached to ur modem and press the factory default button by using a pin and hold for at least 7 seconds, then wait 5 minutes for u to complete then plug in 1 device like ur laptop using a LAN cable and log into the modems config page. Cancel the quick start wizard and open the settings page and make ur all the settings are the correct ones for internode, there will be a menu box with several ISP's listed and change that to internode. That's it, save it and then go enable bridge mode and let it do its things, unplug ur laptop and leave everything unplugged from the modem. Plug ur laptop into the netduma and check its config, wirelessly connect to it will avoid having to muck around with manually changing the IP settings of ur laptop if you couldn't connect straight away. Make sure all the boxs below the top 2 the netduma wan page for the username and password have nothing defined. You just want user name and password for internode and leave every else blank. After the top 2 sections the remaining options like enabled IPv6 ect can be changed or left alone. Go to misc page on netduma and reboot it. After 1 minute or so remove the power cable from netduma and plug the cable into it that goes to your modem and then remove the power cable from your modem. Plug the power cable back into modem and wait 2 minutes or so and then plug the power cable into the netduma and wait another 2 minutes or so. This works coz I just tested it twice and once not folllowing these instructions and not following these instructions lead to it not working but it did both times I did the above in the last hour. Good luck and don't rush
  11. And sorry mat it must have been another post I was helping someone that I explained my issue requiring having to have the modem factory defaulted and no settings at all other then enabling bridge mode set up into it. Also make sure the username u enter into the ppp on the netduma wan page is something like [email protected]
  12. Hey mate, I had trouble getting it to work the second time also and the problem was solved after alot of frustrations and phone calls to internode by factory resetting the modem and DO NO enter any settings or complete the setup wizard and just enable the bridge mode option, I have the list of steps required to complete the task and have everything working listed in post 2 of this post. Skipping steps and not following instructions exactly results in it failing. You also WILL not be able to access the modem interface when you have correctly set up bridge mode on it and are using the netduma to do the PPP authentication.
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