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  1. Thanks Guys. I had to reset using the paperclip. Now it works like it's supposed to. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Guys, So for some reason I've been getting the "This R-App is not loaded yet, Please try again in a minute" error. It shows that it's trying to load, but that error will pop up, and when I play a game online it doesn't show the server or host in the Geo Filter. Is this an issue on your end? I never received this error until today. See attachment. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I know that. I've had a netduma for a few years. I'm using the DumaOS software now. THere is no ping assist yet.
  4. Strict Mode, Auto Ping Enabled, The radius is set to 1000 miles. Sometimes it says can't find lobby, then when i get a lobby its either a peer to peer, or a dedicated server with a high ping. This is pretty frustrating.
  5. So now when I disable the Upnp i was able to get a game, but that's only if i take strict mode off. When strict mode is on i can't find a game. This is getting frustrating.
  6. So I enabled Upnp and it finallly opened my Nat Type on my game, but now it seems no matter what mode I can't find a game. It keeps saying "The Lobby is not joinable". Any fixes for this? Should I disable Upnp?
  7. Hi Jack, That’s what I figured. Yes the game NAT. My Xbox NAT is always open now. It did feel a bit laggy, which is why I looked at my in game NAT and noticed it was on strict. But it was also late at night, and COD games tend to be a little laggier at night. When I go on Infinite Warfare the NAT Type is Open so I found that weird.
  8. So for some reason my Black Ops 4 game is going from Moderate to Strict on its own. It was on Open for a while when I put my Netduma in my Routers DMZ, then it went to Moderate. Then i saw on this forum if you port forward 1024-65535 TCP & UDP it would take it off Moderate and put it back on Open which it did for a while. Now its been on Moderate, and it went to Strict on its own. Is it something I'm doing? The DumaOS? Or just Black Ops 4?
  9. Ok will do. As always thanks for your help and support!
  10. What a rotten, no good, lying bastard! The lag comes from him everyone. He holds the bible high, and then he LIESSSSSSSSSSSSS! So sad!
  11. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I've been experiencing super slow internet speeds with the DumaOS. I have Verizon Fios 1 gig fiber optic both down and up. I'm only hitting a little over 200 mbps on both down and up. Even when I shut the Anti Bufferbloat up it doesn't help. First set both sliders to 100 percent, then shut it off completely, and I'm still only hitting a little over 200. Anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, So i have Filtering Mode on, Strict Mode on radius set to 1000 miles, and I've been getting put into Peer to Peer lobbies constantly. I do get put into Dedicated Servers too, but it seems like I'm getting put into Peer to Peer lobbies way too often with the Netduma. Is this a DumaOS issue, or more of a Black Ops 4 issue? Also, I noticed my in game Nat Type went to Moderate by itself today. I had it open and the xbox open when I put the Netduma in my routers DMZ. When this happened on Infinite Warfare the fix was to open another game like Black Ops 3 and see your Nat Type Open, then go back to Infinite Warfare and it would show Open Nat again. Weird, but it worked. This doesn't work. My Nat Type still shows Moderate for some strange reason.
  13. This was actually happening to me last night with my friends. Couldn't find a game. Before I upgraded to DumaOS i had no issues. Now it wont find a game, or it throws me out back to the Multiplayer screen.
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