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  1. dang i get nothing like that no severs show up nether do pepole mine has nothing on it but the ping circle spinning around
  2. i got it done fraser im good to go thanks for help but my net seems slower on this new firware then the last on is there any way to bust the speeds up on the donlode side ?
  3. So i got it but my download seems really low for some reason is there a way to fix this thanks again
  4. Not sure if u r able to do it from where you r at or not
  5. Yes i siend up but it will not let for some reason i get a error code for some reason not sure why
  6. I just got the are one a few days ago and I don’t know if I’m on the latest version version is 1.03.6j. I’ve been trying to upgrade to the newest version if there is one but I’m having trouble doing it. Also it’s saying that I am on Xbox mode and I’m majority using this for PC is there something else I got to do to use this on PC or is it all the same. someone please help thanks
  7. Okay sorry I post it in a different block on the net gear nighthy post wast sure if it was understood that it was for the r1 or the xr500 thanks for the help 👍👍
  8. Can a wifi booster be hooked up to the r1 to get better wifi connection. Have a two story house not sure if the wife I will reach both stories. I have not set up the are one just yet
  9. Wes


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