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  1. Is that not what I just did? Report on the tickrate I see! consistently.
  2. I have a r1 and I never see greater than 70hz!
  3. I think it is fair to say there is much debate on that matter, just like SBMM. I have not been connected to any server greater 70hz but I also have not been connected to any server less than 58hz. Based on what I have observed and if Battlefield is anything to go by 60hz servers seems like a more obvious number to me.
  4. Is Singapore the authentication server? There's a very handy form for reporting any server you think is not located properly which can get corrected when there is a cloud update:
  5. So what should the tickrate be on MW servers?
  6. I have never even seen a >70hz tickrate on the servers I have been on. Will look forward to that video!
  7. That's interesting the 1.08 update broke filtering again for me but another reboot again corrected it!
  8. A reboot fixed a lot of issues for me that were only prevalent after patch 1.07!
  9. 400mi / 644km is plenty to have the London servers in range. Don't want to play on servers on continental Europe as it risks being a worse connection.
  10. With PA at 0 it takes a lot longer to search even with London being in radius, didn't connect outside radius but I only searched a couple of games, keeps placing me in a lobby on my own 🙄 also then searching for another lobby. Better connection / quicker search with PA set.
  11. Had to increase PA after the reboot yesterday, have it set to 26 now, no fast search. They seemed to be the game I had (false peer) was located in Denmark outside the filter and ping range (37 auto ping). Usually auto ping in a game (London dedi) will be anywhere from 22-35ms. I see packet loss icon now and again, but probably down to the server. Pinging a random server in London yields 20-27 ping but setting PA to <25 will not connect anywhere inside or outside the filter. Seems about right! My base ping is 6ms, wish there was a server closer!
  12. The latest patch seems to have done the same again! Servers or peers outside filter range got through, reboot required. Spectate mode was not enabled after the reboot this time.
  13. What is or should the geo-filter be set to after a reboot? What is it coded to do!
  14. Not sure myself though the reason I say it is it could also be a bug.
  15. A reboot fixed filtering and NAT type for me.
  16. A reboot seems to have fixed the issues I was having, if that doesn't work, factory reset.
  17. A reboot seems to have done the trick, won't connect to anything now with PA set to 0. Oddly after the reboot spectate mode was enabled. Is spectate the initial setting after a reboot / default behaviour? Oh and NAT type is now showing as open!
  18. I have not, but I will and see if it makes a difference! Where is router reboot located with dumaOS it used to be in the miscellaneous menu iirc!
  19. It is only since the 1.07 patch that moderate NAT is detected in the menu, console reports an open NAT for me. The geo filter is not working also.
  20. I posted about this also patch 1.07 has broken filtering altogether. Even with ping assist at 0 and no dedicated servers in range of the smallest radius it will connect to peers and servers outside the range. Also no matter what, NAT type is stuck on moderate in the MW menu but xbox will say open, pre patch it was open and games filtered no issues!
  21. Beta felt a tiny bit better but that is probably due to the fact that there was less people on the servers, a lot of whom might have had a very good connection. Even with filtering since launch there was an odd few games were TTK was way off for my shots but not the opposing players, but some of these deaths were M4 to the head. Patch 1.07 however is pretty bad for filtering games. Over night I began to see what people are taking about that do not have a duma router, players sponging bullets, lag comp etc. Had a death earlier and I had to reload and put more bullets into someone with a USA calling card he one shot me with a 725 of course, looking at the kill feed was showing the packet loss icons. The movement animation in games since launch I noticed a slow down of the player running speed (barely noticeable) I was thinking it might be lag smoothing but it might be the terrain unevenness also as you really notice it on Arklov Peak. I noticed a good few times in peer games when you bring up the scoreboard it doesn't show officer rank's but the host will show theirs provided they have one.
  22. I wouldn't be going by a ping that is hidden behind 2 menus. If it was any use it would be on the scoreboard like every other game! Probably a rounding error that it says 320ms, they probably use integers and it is the raw data not being converted to a float in the display string!?
  23. There is absolutely nothing conclusive about SBMM being in MW! In fact I have a suspicion that it might have been turned on with patch 1.07 just to shut people up about it, again there is nothing conclusive about my statement but it might explain why the geofilter has stopped working.
  24. Since the 1.07 modern warfare patch there is absolutely no filtering happening. Pre-patch it was okay now even when I set the minimum radius on the geo filter I get connected to peers outside the filter. As an aside very little dedicated servers are connected through the 24/7 playlist I got connected to some host in the middle of the US. more info: xbox, crossplay disabled (no difference enabled), Strict mode, minKM (111km), PA set to 7ms (recommended no difference), location Ireland (get connected to peers UK, Germany, France etc) edit since the 1.07 patch NAT type in game is moderate also which seems incorrect as xbox say open. Played yesterday and it would also connect to peers in the UK but I had the geo set for it to connect. The odd time it would connect to dedi in Germay but through the dedi in UK. I'm connecting to more peers than anything else today even away from the 24/7 playlist. I also tried setting the PA to 0 and it would still auto ping hosts outside the range (don't think I've ever been host in a game). example attached
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