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  1. Well if the hotfix didn't work, then there would be a widespread discussion. However that is not the case as from what I can tell you are the only one still reporting the issue. Maybe there is another issue causing this that you have yet to discover. It is also possible that the router might be defective.
  2. You guys said the same thing about DumaOS which took a few years to accomplish and from what I can see has no real benefit over the old OS other than aesthetics.
  3. if the radius isn't wide, then the pings are denied. Adding the pinged servers to the allow list doesn't work either as the game seems to ping random servers every time it loads. Every time I get connected to a good server, I add it to my allow list. My list never stops growing. Is there a way you guys can code the router to allow all pings when the game launches? Then restrict game connections to the geo-filter/PA/allow list? Maybe auto disable the geo-filter when no gaming packets are detected, then auto enable it after the game launch pings have processed? I know you guys already have a gaming packet detection method built into the software. If you guys can program this, maybe also realize when the user force closes the game or if it crashes for some reason and the user then relaunches the game, the geo-filter would need to be disabled during this time frame. I'm not sure if any of this is possible, but my best suggestion atm.
  4. I tested ping assist thoroughly. If I set it below 29, then I don't get the 22-26ms Dallas servers I am aiming for. I don't get any server for that matter. If I set it to anything above 29, then I start getting those higher ping servers. Even still, the main issue is the game pings multiple servers when launched. I can see it on the geo-filter map every time I start the game. If I don't have the geo-filter large enough to let them get pinged, then BO4 will not connect me to any server. Eventually it may connect me to a peer server in random geo-locations. If the geo-filter is large enough to ping all of the servers, then somehow the game will have a better chance of me getting into a 22-26ms server I am targeting. I hope that helps. It seems as though the servers being pinged when the game is launched determine how the game handles connections. My best theory.
  5. The game will ping many servers in the USA when first launched. If I don't have the geo-filter to allow the server pings to go through, then the game won't connect to any server. Once the game has pinged all the servers, I can then lower the radius to small in the ocean and connect to servers normally. My Nat has always been open. I will try the spectating/filtering mode, but I don't see that as a fix as it is just another hoop I have to jump through. I created this thread for that very reason. I just want the router to work without having to fiddle with it every single time I want to play.
  6. Again no. This only causes more issues as some of the servers showing over Dallas are incorrect and some of the servers that are supposed to be over Dallas are miss-located in New Jersey. There is not a single location on the map that has consistent servers that work for me. The only way I can get the servers I want is with PA set to 29 and make the geo-filter encompass the entire globe before launching the game, then after the game has booted and pinged the US servers, I can shrink it down to the lowest in the ocean. Then if I am lucky, I will connect to the servers I want.
  7. I have and it makes the issue worse. This issue existed before you guys even released PA for DumaOS. If I don't use PA, then I will be connected to horrible servers. Most of them are 40-90ms. I only want Dallas servers as any other servers are horrible. If I set the radius to 1000km, then I get Chicago, and multiple west coast servers. All horrible for me.
  8. We have already gone over this many times before. I don't feel like going over everything again for the nteenth time. It doesn't matter if it is blackout or multiplayer. It doesn't even matter what game mode I try to attempt to join either. It is all the same. More than half of the Dallas servers are wrongly located in New Jersey. I have told you guys about this before. I set my ping assist to 29 as any lower and it won't connect to the 22-26ms ping servers I desire. Any higher and I start getting into the 31-35ms ping servers that I don't want. I set my geo-filter to the smallest in the middle of the ocean. If I start the game before setting the geo-filter to encompass the entire globe, then the game will never connect to a server or eventually join a peer server. It is a constant jump through hoops just to be able to connect to a good server.
  9. I'm not sure what is taking so damn long, but here we are 4 months after release and the same major issues still exist. I constantly have to jump through hoops just to get the best servers possible. No other COD release was ever this much of an issue. Constantly kicked back to the loading screen with unable to join server errors. Servers incorrectly located (Dallas servers reported as New Jersey) Have to expand the geo-filter to encompass the entire world prior to launching BO4 every single time in order to get into a game. R1 and XR500 on latest firmware. How many more excuses are we going to receive before you guys actually fix this? Will it be working before COD 2019 is released?
  10. The reason you were given is false. I have both the R1 and the XR500. the R1 reports consistent results while the XR500 is reporting incorrectly. The XR500 is combining 2 reads into 1 report. The issue has nothing to do with lag comp at all. There isn't a single game that has a tick rate of 120+
  11. No, it isn't variances in server quality. Saying that both routers use the exact same code doesn't mean jack when they both don't have the same hardware. Like I said there is no difference in gaming performance. The XR500 doesn't seem to update reports as fast as the R1. Tick rate, send rate and receive rate seem to calculate the info inconsistently. Tick rate will report 60ish every other report and 120ish the other reports. It is obviously not reporting correctly.
  12. I'm getting the same issue as well where the XR500 router is reporting a tick rate, upload, and download stats that alternate inconsistently. The game is still running smooth. This issue does not happen on my R1.
  13. Just as the other response, it is normal. In multiplayer games there is more data to receive than there is to send out. You really haven't given us any info to go on as far as what problems you are having. Saying "performs very strangely" isn't very descriptive. Tell us what the issue is with detail.
  14. it can handle MUCH more than 40 devices. It is possible that one of your devices is causing issues with the network load. I would try to test this by adding each device one by one and seeing how your router reacts to them. It still may be possible your router is malfunctioning and a replacement is in order.
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