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  1. I'll give it a shot. Might be a while before I do as I don't want to interrupt my roommates connection.
  2. No port forwarding. I have tested automatic settings with no change. Normally I manually configure all network devices and assign IP addresses.
  3. They do not belong to me. They are my roommates and I will not ask them to use them. They were never set up or used on geo-filter. Only my console is.
  4. Correct. I'm using the wired version. I never setup WiFi on my console. There are 2 other PS4 slim in my house, but use a guest wifi. I double checked the Mac address and IP matched my console. The device always appears online when it is on. Yes it shows bandwidth usage. Speed test works flawlessly.
  5. All basic troubleshooting tips you guys tell everyone were attempted. Deleted device and flushed the cloud Browser cache deleted Hard reset (unplug and power drain) router and console. Factory reset router with console turned off and unplugged. browser cache deleted before Re-input all settings from scratch. I have tested this with 3 different computers using both Chrome and edge. Results never change. 1 of them is a new laptop that had never been used on the network before.
  6. Again this is something I have already tried before posting. Nothing.
  7. I already performed a factory reset. I only zoomed out for the screenshot. I usually leave it at 100%. Factory reset did nothing just like the other suggestions. I tested this on chrome and edge with 2 different computers. nothing. Geo-filter worked perfectly on the previous firmware. The issue only occurred after updating to the latest firmware.
  8. I have already tried all of that before creating this post. Nothing.
  9. Geo-filter no longer works or shows on the map after updating to V2.3.2.56! I performed a factory reset and reset everything from scratch. Nothing. I cleared my Chrome/IE browser cache. Nothing.
  10. Netduma... Delays... never! I figured you guys would have learned by now. You all have a knack for over promising and under delivering. Reputation is obviously not a concern for your company.
  11. I disagree. It is something every company "can" do. Not every company "will" do is the proper response. You guys have the resources to push support faster than a snails pace, but you choose not to. It isn't a matter of can or can't. Its a matter of choice. There are many companies that can compile hundreds of gigabytes of data a year into a program or game. How much more complex can a few megabytes in a firmware be? Is there only 1 guy doing all the work? Why? Greed? Share the wealth and grow your company by employing more staff. Find the bottleneck and fix it. You are bleeding reputation. reputation=profit.
  12. its almost as if you didn't read my post. I specifically said I entered the ports listed on their website in the OP. Covering all ports is not idea nor something I want to do. I just want the router to work as intended. If a $30 router can do it, then why can't a $300 router?
  13. I'm having issues getting the Traffic Prioritization to work for my PC Gaming. It works perfect for my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, so I have no idea what is wrong. I gave my PC a dedicated IP configuration. I then added Port Triggering for the Path of Exile ports using https://portforward.com/path-of-exile/ I then go to QOS and Traffic Prioritization. I add my PC with the port ranges POE uses. TCP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (6112:20481) I rebooted my router and PC after applying the changes. I run Path of Exile and Traffic Prioritization does not detect the game running on my PC. What is wrong?
  14. Well if the hotfix didn't work, then there would be a widespread discussion. However that is not the case as from what I can tell you are the only one still reporting the issue. Maybe there is another issue causing this that you have yet to discover. It is also possible that the router might be defective.
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