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  1. Quick question if I’m using my R2 should I disable UPnP on my isp modem ?
  2. I turned off my R2 completely and was just using my isp router and it worked for like half hour then kicked me from party so maybe it’s not these routers maybe it’s on Sony’s server end ?
  3. I’m getting the same issue, party chat randomly disconnects me and then some of my friends I can’t connect to atall but some I can ps5 too
  4. For ps5 should I use classified games or add it manually as games console then ?
  5. Do you use classified games or just them ports?
  6. Any decent settings would be helpful , I feel like I’m shooting first but dying , mw wasn’t like this , I have a moderate Nat in game could that be it ? I have classified games on
  7. Never mind it’s open now , please close this thread thanks
  8. Just got my new series X plugged it all in and in the console settings it says strict double Nat type , haven’t changed any settings since my one X which was open Nat type , added the series X to devices and allowing traffic , any help would be appreciated
  9. Yea I did begin to think this , thanks 👍
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