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  1. Oh gotcha, true I didn't have that in mind. Wonder if there is a setting that maybe could mirror it or is close to it? Anyways, thanks for clarifying hope I didn't confuse anyone.
  2. Go to settings, WAN setup, then change the nat filtering from secured to open. Then restart your modem and router if there is any problems. Gets me from a consistent moderate to a consistent open.
  3. That worked! I guess the manual rule can work even alongside duma os classified but not with games console. I appreciate the help!
  4. Yeah I don't quite understand it either. It says unable to install because streams overlap. I'm on a bit of an older firmware (xr300) because the latest one had nil bug issues so maybe that might be the issue. Not really sure what else it could be but I won't let it bother me. I appreciate the help though!
  5. Here is a picture of the rules, the duma os classified and the games console can coexist. But I can't add a rule with only games console and a manual tcp rule for some reason.
  6. I am able to use duma os classified and games console enabled together as they don't interfere with each other. But, I can't use games console and a manual port set up of any kind tcp only, which just confused me because I was under the impression that games console service is udp traffic only.
  7. Yes, the same thing happened to me. Open/moderate nat, with the modem regularly and then strict with the duma. Same still applies.
  8. For me, I had to refresh my devices on my modem, not the netduma router(s) and then re add it using ip passthrough or bridge mode. On dashboard, check your internet status> wan ip> and see if it is a public ip or private. A private ip would start like 192.168.X.X. A private ip would mean you are double nated and would likely have a strict nat type, not good. Edit: Also make sure you properly disabled all your firewall settings on your modem only as the router handles that for you. If all this doesn't work, google your modem and double nat and look and see what people did to fix the problem for your specific modem. The problem lies in the modem and not the router if your upnp is on.
  9. Got it, I was also wondering how games console and a manual port of 1000-65535 src dest 1-65535 TCP only could possibly interlap with games console? I was under the impression that games console prioritized only udp traffic. I could easily see a problem if I put tcp and udp or udp only but why is tcp interfering with games consoles traffic? Anyways I got my set up working very well you guys here are awesome!
  10. Realized I can also use duma os classified paired with a manual setting of 1000-65535 source and 1-65535 tcp udp.
  11. @Netduma Fraser What setting would overrides the other, say, you leave dumaos classified games enabled and also enable games console, usually if settings overlap it wouldn't be allowed but in this case you can keep them both on. What is happening in that situation? If I try games console and manual ports it isn't compatible as games console already does what the manual ports does at least udp wise.
  12. As stated above, dumaos classified, games console, or 3074 source and 1-65535 dest. Also what settings are you guys using?
  13. I've just reverted to factory defaults, and the only thing I changed is the dns servers, geofilter (obviously spectating mode for parsec), and qos is on and working. Not sure but my setup is working now! I didn't add a rule for traffic prio, that I left default to on. I realize it also depends on the host you join. Not all connections are equal even though the host has low ping doesn't mean he won't have packet loss on his side or something bad with his connection (host may be on wifi etc). Played for a solid hour with no problems with a certain host so it seems solved!
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