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  1. is there a update for the xr450 beta too?
  2. hello all, i have a xr450 and would like to how to get the beta duma os3.0
  3. hello, is there a way to change the router ip address within the caddy app.
  4. hello friends any word as to when the beta will be coming to the xr450.
  5. i have done all that i can i used geo filter and set up a larger area. i have used the polygon drawing pen and chose the best and medium ping areas as per the heat map. I tried a factory reset and just put my speeds in and changed nothing else. i tried turning on and off ipv6.i have done different combinations of things for 3 hours or so before changing so i would have a good test experience. I'm just thinking i cut my loses and return the router.
  6. will this duma os beta 3.0 firmware work on the xr450 as well
  7. so i did a factory reset on the r2 left everything as stock as possible. i added my speed and shut off wifi and ipv6.this is the bench mark i get. all things look very good. Although i still experience the better game play direct plug into my isp modem. i also ran a ping prioritization setup and its asking me to set it at 2% upload and 2% download. So that wont work for my house hold at all.
  8. it actually wont even register the 5% download speed. it runs a test at full up/dl speeds. the slides are not working to recognize the change in speed
  9. the results come back for ping prioritize has my internet connection down to almost 5% download and 95% upload. side note will the new firmware being released soon help with any of these issues i am having. i mean i ordered the r2 at launched used it for about 3 days and just took it back out hoping that my moving locations might of made a difference in my network issue with the r2. however it made no difference
  10. ping will be about 32 modem and about 48 connect to r2. my isp is just a docsis 3.1 modem only. model e31u2v1 believe arris makes these for spectrum isp
  11. measuring ping through pinging the host in the software.i set qos to always on and have a+ buffer bloat across the board.yes i have played with it numerous times. my internet keeps my ping value at around 30 not matter what i do. This what gets me because it all seems ok but again running through the r2 something in the netwoking gets issues itt seems like.
  12. the game plays fine when i plug my xbox directly into my isp modem.I have spectrum internet. i have 400/20 internet.I have no isp issues as far as ingress or signal to noise. it is a brand new apartment complex. As soon as i put the r2 into use the gaming experience falls off dramatically.I feel like i am behind every person i come in contact with.I get what seems like only hit markers. Side note, i can't even use the wifi on the r2 in a central point in a single level 1200 sqf apartment.the speed and coverage are pretty bad.I have a xr450 in ap mode to just get wifi. The r2 i use the polygon geo filter setup for east coast u.s.a. i play around 30-45 ping rate when i do get into a lobby. i use the qos set to on all the time. Any help would be appreciated because this is very frustrating.
  13. the router supports ipv4 first and that is the default ipv. it has the capability to use ipv6 is you isp supports it and with that you have to enable it.
  14. xr500 should turned into access point. I have done this with my xr450.
  15. hi all just received and hooked up my r2 and one of the antenna is damaged. the antenna just drops down from gravity. You can see in the picture that there is a gap and no pressure on the antenna base which is causing the antenna to just fall.
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