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  1. I would refrain from quoting your opinion as facts when it comes to bungies T&C, unless you are employed in their legal department or represent them legally. I only say this as the T&C do not fully cover all circumstances, which leaves room for ambiguity and you may unintentionally spreading false information and fear-mongering. It sounds you like you are salty to people using any form of exploits, but we should remember that Bungie creates their own exploits weekly by what looks like poor testing before deployment.
  2. Looks good, could you not match outside connections thereafter?
  3. Thank you for your input or again lack of. Just more abuse....clearly not helpful to the cause. Drama stirring.
  4. I shall try and bring this back to some normality. The working group I am aligned with have been able to match make in elimination, but not consistently. There seems to be merit in a solution with a WITS-DNP3 Protocol. Anyone with experience in this field please do get in touch, as we have funding to compensate for input. Thank you
  5. its not your server your cant control it. LOL
  6. LOL, you like posting that in your sever when you cant think of a reply
  7. You mentioned in the server chat your age and location/nationality. You were discussing your age with Jonesie
  8. I feel the same for you, but I let you say it first as I'm nice like that
  9. Are you qualified to make that assumption? lol.......Thats not offensive at all is it! No I'm very well thank you for asking. I think the difference of opinion comes down to decorum, professionalism and from what I gather us both being from different countries. not that one is better than another, before you jump on that band wagon.
  10. spoilt brat, lol OK. I have made my responses as aliquant as I can, if you feel differently then fine. I agree we should not be controlled by others....so dont ask about the hidden channel or challenge the owner or admin.....seems like a contradiction. just pulling your leg there before you get upset.
  11. Yeah thats one of the few occasions I have been insulting, and I standby it given the torrent of abuse I've received from you and your friends in the last few hours. Oh come one, these guys are all from your sever, they've come to back you up. lets not try and pretend its something else.
  12. I agree, put your dogs on leash. 3 people posting negative stuff about me for the last few hours, how do you think I should act? Best idea I've heard. I'm here trying to post info I think is helpful as a solution, workaround, or to help build on others ideas. I have a working group as I've mentioned and we will be posting our results here, so if you want to use anything feel free. I wish you all the best.
  13. It was dead server, dont stay on that high horse. It was never directed at you. you took offence. I shared something, in this thread, and thats all there is to it. There was no need for this onslaught, by you and your cronies. what a waste of everyone's time.
  14. why do you assume everyone is younger than you, just because you morale compass seems wildly out of sync with the modern world. Family life? What are you on about.
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