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  1. Everyone knows that dmg likes the cheese.
  2. If you are still working at an office make sure to put him on coffee duty for the next few weeks. 😅
  3. Broken link on the main duma site here https://netduma.com/dumaos/ Scroll all the way to the bottom, under Netduma R2 the buy now button doesn't work. See Screenshot. Links to https://netduma.com/netduma-r2/ Should be https://netduma.com/order/netduma-r2/ It's all Lukes fault.
  4. 3 for 3. Recorded between 3AM - 3:10AM GMT 14/4/21 When a solution is found it will be available for FREE to anyone that wants itIf anyone would like to join the discord where we have a bunch of knowledgeable people looking in to this you are more than welcome the join code is Rn6WFXXdfx
  5. Ok, so i don't want to hi-jack this thread. And since the other thread was closed because of your lies allow me clear up some things. 1. The discord is open to anyone who wants to join to discuss the current situation with SDR and geofilter. 2. The private section was added for the members actively working on a solution to the problem without having to read 450+ messages in the morning, with maybe 3 or 4 mission critical messages... no information is being hidden from anyone in the discord. It's mainly Test->Result->Ideas Repeat. 3. In the old locked thread you claimed several times you had a working method and when asked about it you showed a video on PS4, geofilter was working at the time on PS4.. You were trolling claiming you had something when you didn't. And the method you have posted above is yet another troll. Please stop attention seeking. 4. Once a consistent 100% working method has been discovered, all the relevant information will be posted into a dedicated discord channel, available for everyone to see and for free just like the old method. Anyone trying to sell or scam anyone is kicked and banned from the server. We do not endorse that BS. Oh, you didn't want to post your fake ps4 video publicly so i will share this xbox one from todays tests.
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