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  1. So you expect to be able to add "whitelist so we can add the steam ids" function so people don't need to SSH into their WRT Routers and setup iptables to do this? I have a XR1000 still sitting in a box in case you are able to pull this off by the end of May which is my deadline to return it.
  2. Hi, I'm in the same boat. I bought a XR1000 and it is sitting in the box so I can return it unopened for a refund. As of the past few weeks, I've seen that Geo Filtering (the only reason I bought the router) will be fixed to be able to filter to a server.. I wanted to have it ready for that update since it was mentioned multiple times it would be ready each week, but each week has been progressing without an update bringing me closer to my available return time on the XR1000. Is there any definitive date so I know to return and possibly re-purchase a couple months down the road, if server filtering eventually becomes an option? My ASUS GT-AX11000 is my primary router and has been great, minus not having the Geo Filter feature, so I prefer sticking to that vs. the XR1000 which was the closest thing I could find with Duma OS in regards to general router performance. One other question, in terms of the goal of filtering by server, Steam Datagram Relay servers are in regional Site Clusters (via Valve documentation in their Developer Kit) of several Relay servers. Are you projecting the ability to filter to a specific Relay server within a Regional Cluster or just a specific Cluster Site of multiple Steam Datagram Relay servers? I ask because that would not prevent you from potentially changing Relay servers during your connection(s) negotiation, it would only keep you within servers at that Site Cluster which could change dynamically. Thanks in advance and best of luck developing the update!
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