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  1. Yes Fraser please keep us updated, the sdr just hit consoles and the geofilter function do not work anymore. I use to geofilter for ping and select my county only and I'm quite sure that now I'm matching people around the world with bad pings.
  2. Hello guys since the Sdr was implemented seems that is now impossible to use geofilter for destiny. Do you guys have news about it and know how can we can solve this ? Maybe in a new firmware update ?
  3. i have disabled all the QoS option i'm just using geo filter. another thing that i need to report is that i have a lot of trouble with party. everytime i join a party chat i have nat problems and i can't hear my friends. Do you have any solutions? maybe can we do a remote connection and take a look at the configuration?
  4. yes i know them and they use my same setup. we started doing it togheter two weeks ago
  5. this is not possible because other peopole that use netduma and do the same thing are able to do it right now. And there was no game update. i'm tryng to investigate on it. but without sucsess.
  6. i'v tried the factory reset too and reconfigured all the network from scratch! but same stuff. my two system cannot match anymore and i don't know why. in my opinion the router is not working good. he apply geofilter for sure but seems that now he is not able to do it for both console in the same session
  7. Tried 100 times but the two system not match togheter. i need Support or maybe i need to replace my netduma. this is just the second week that i use it. and can't udertand why this is working before. and sudenly it don't work anymore!
  8. hi Alex! thanks for your reply. i have 2 ps4 via Ethernet on my netduma my ps4 and my GF ps4. i just add the two consoles on the geofilter page and use them in filtering mode: then i place my geofilter in the middle of nowhere and then i try to match in the same Patrol or Assoult in destiny. i usualy find only my GF in the assault. now i fon't find no one and she can't find no one. i don't know what changed i have just resetted the power. every time i turn off my desk energy i turn off the netduma and the ps4s: Thanks
  9. Hi, i have two consoles using Geofilter on the same Netduma R1 using netduma OS new version updated. i was always able to match my two accounts in the same game whitout any other players in the game. But yesterday after a power reset it don't work anymore. the geofilter seems to by applied but the two accounts cannot match togheter anymore. i have tried too remove device from geofilter and add them again but still not works. do you have any suggestion? do you think that is better if my netduma stay power on all the time or can i turn of the power when i don't use it? Thanks a lot.
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