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  1. Amazing, thanks very much for all your help. It’s my brother who has been having the issues so I’ll need to wait to get some feedback from him which might take a couple of days but I’ll post back when I can if that’s sorted the issue or not. Thanks again for everything!
  2. I changed it from 4330 to 2165. My options are: 4330 2165 1000 433 My max download is 300Mbps so can drop it to 1000 if necessary as well. Not seeing any signal difference, I noticed the setting didn’t restart the router so I’ll give it a restart when I’m able to just in case it needs one.
  3. I can find 160MHz in the Netgear docs when it’s referring to WiFi 6. I’ve disabled AX, which I believe is WiFi 6? It’s showing support for 20/40/80/160MHz though, but you’re right, I have no visibility in the settings what frequency the iPhone is connecting at. Netspot doesn’t seem to display that info either.
  4. It’s in an open position. Yeah, the devices are almost all Apple with a Sony TV. I haven’t tried it but I’ll try the next one down and check what happens. What effect would 4330 have on the wireless signal? I got an error on my router where it wouldn’t load up DumaOS after a router restart. Returned a “dumaos_theme_not_found” error - or something like that. The router factory reset itself, I did a proper factory reset after (i.e. pressing and holding the pin-hole button on the back of the router for 30 seconds). Seems to be an issue since then unfortunately.
  5. Thanks guys, I ended up changing my modem as we upgraded our connection to Gfast. I haven't seen any issues since then but will monitor over the next week or so.
  6. Hi Guys, Lately, I seem to have been getting a poor wifi signal on my 5Ghz network. The only devices using it are all in the same room, about 4m away from the router which is on the other side of the wall. I used to get disconnects when someone else from the opposite side of the house would join it (I assumed this was due to beamforming being enabled and pushing the signal away from me). However, I'm just stuck with a signal which is permanently bad now. On the router it's all my devices are showing between -75 to -86 dbm. On my old Nighthawk, this never used to be an issue - the routers are in the exact same position. I recently did a map of the entire floor of my house and the 5Ghz channel is completely isolated so there shouldn't be any interference. I'm not sure what's going on? My wireless 5Ghz settings are: Mode: Up to 4330 Mbps Transmit Power Control: 100% Fragmentation Length: 2346 (default) CTS/RTS Threshold: 2347 (default) Preamble Mode: Long Preamble Enable Implicit BEAMFORMING: Checked Enable MU-MIMO: Checked Enable AX - Unchecked Changing the antennae positioning to the side being horizontal and the centre two being vertical isn't changing anything either.
  7. Share excess is enabled for both upload and download
  8. QoS is currently configured by device type. 23% for gaming and 9% for all other categories. I’ve not tried disabling QoS yet. Should that be my next troubleshooting step? Devices are close to the router. iPad is in the same room as an AP (<2m away with no obstructions) - the AP (Netgear Orbi) which is hard wired to the router. iPhone is in a room next to the router (again about 2m away but with a wall in between). Typically has had good signal (no signal stats showing in the device table in the router though). I’ve already mapped that part of the house and it’s on its own 5GHz channel. Several devices in the same room as the iPhone don’t have the same issue - Apple TV, Sony TV, Apple HomePod. With the share excess, it will be on the default setting, I’m not at my router to check but it’s not an option I’ve ever changed. Once I check, I can confirm that with you though (currently away from the router).
  9. Thanks very much for the prompt response! Seeing it on mobile devices. Both on iPhone and iPad. The dropout seems to be quick. So if I get disconnected from a video call, I can just call back ok - I connected to the interface after the dropout and tried monitoring the logs but didn’t experience anymore dropout during that time. Happened loading YouTube as well, disconnecting/ reconnecting seemed to solve the issue. I don’t have to reboot the router to get things to work again but during important calls, I can’t afford dropouts unfortunately. In the logs, there’s no IP address for those logs, they all appear as unknown.
  10. Hi guys, Lately, I've been getting connection drops where my device is left hanging, waiting on something to load. I was wondering how to debug this issue? The network views appear to be live so it's difficult to see if the router stops sending traffic to that device. Is there any way to see a historical view of the network monitor? Or even an API where I can output logs to something like Kibana/ Grafana to have a view of it? My modem shows it's staying up and SNR is 6 which is healthy, it also shows the correct max upload and download I should be getting. In the Duma logs, I can only see constant DOS/ Fraggle Attacks, should these be of worry? [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19893 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:53:16 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19848 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:53:06 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19816 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:52:56 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19739 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:52:46 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19704 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:52:36 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19612 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:52:26 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19608 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:52:26 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19608 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:52:16 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19490 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:52:06 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19460 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:51:56 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19348 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:51:46 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19345 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:51:36 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19278 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:51:26 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19225 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:51:16 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19202 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:51:06 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19184 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:50:56 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19117 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:50:46 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19080 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:50:36 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 19027 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:50:26 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 18899 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:50:16 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 18816 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:50:06 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 18755 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:49:56 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 18750 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:49:46 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 18685 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:49:36 [DoS attack: Fraggle Attack] from source UNKNOWN,port 18579 Monday, Mar 29,2021 09:49:25 Not sure if this could be my modem doing something either? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. It’s not happened again since my last post but it does seem to be an issue that others have come across which is making me a bit nervous. There’s a couple of key workers in the house that, if the internet went down at the wrong time, could cause serious issues. The devices connected to the XR1000 directly are a couple of Mac’s, an Apple TV, Sony TV, and a HomePod mini, iPhones and then two Xbox one X’s are connected via Ethernet. There’s an Orbi mesh network connected via Ethernet to the router, everything else is on the mesh network. That’s been set up as an access point.
  12. Anything more information around a resolution for this issue? How to stop it from recurring, is it being investigated, etc?
  13. I can see that there’s another thread raised with this issue.
  14. I’ll add a +1 to this. I had the same issue 2 days ago with this error popping up. Oddly, I couldn’t connect my phone (could connect via WiFi but couldn’t access the internet - worked fine on other devices) so I checked the phone in the device settings. I had about 4 IPv6 addresses and 2 IPv4 addresses in the phone when I clicked on it. I tried restarting the router but couldn’t login, restarted again, and got the same error back. I had to do a full factory reset afterwards to get it to work again.
  15. I tried accessing it through my PC using Chrome and Firefox, and my phone using Safari. I couldn’t access the interface at all, I just got that screen back each time unfortunately. It seemed to reset itself after just doing a normal reboot. The terms and conditions had a 2017 date on it when it was getting me to go through the setup so I then reset it properly using a pin with the hole at the back of the router. Held it for about 15-20s before letting go and leaving it to reset for 5 mins.
  16. I was having difficulties connecting my phone to the XR1000 so I rebooted the router. I have the router and my modem connected to an extension so I usually just flick the switch off at the socket so both devices turn off and get a reboot. I've done that about half a dozen times and it's been fine, did it throughout the life of my old nighthawk router and it was fine. This time, when I turned it back on, I signed in to the router as I couldn't connect any devices to the internet. I just got a white page with plain text which read: failed to readline from "dumos_theme_version". I tried rebooting again, this time by the button at the back and left it off for about 5 minutes before turning it back on. The internet light came back red and I couldn't see the wifi on any of my devices anymore. After waiting awhile (googling on 4G on my phone to try and find out what had happened), I could log in to the nighthawk app and it basically treated it as a new device which needed to be setup. I reset it back to factory settings and set it all up again manually and it seems fine. I'm a bit worried as I don't understand why that happened, and there's key workers which use the wifi during the day that live here and it's really important not to have any down time. I'm now very worried that this might happen again and I could be left without internet at a vital time. Could any clarity be given on what may have caused this so I can do everything I can to prevent that from happening again please, it would be much appreciated!
  17. I used to get disconnected from games as the router couldn't handle 2 xbox's on the same router. Party chat issues with disconnected, high ping, random ping spikes, etc. The XR1000 that I use has lowered our ping in COD by about 15-20ms (seems to now average around 30 - 50ms rather than 50 - 70ms). Not had any disconnects during a game, ping remains constant and the connection is very stable. The settings I'm running are fairly standard: NAT: set to Open Set up static IP's for both consoles. Congestion Control: Download and Upload set to 70% Bandwidth Allocation: Download and Upload - put gaming up to 23% and left everything else as is. Geo-Filter: 726km Are you running your XR500 through an ISP router/modem combo?
  18. Just adding my 2 cents here. I’ve noticed big gaming improvements over the R8000 Nighthawk. Been a game changer for me playing online, I think it’s unfair to say that DumaOS doesn’t work considering there are a lot of people who have seen benefits from it, like myself. Would be good to see some details listed out in terms of your setup and settings rather than a triggered post. To be fair, the response time of the Netduma team on here is phenomenal and I’ve never seen a company being this active in their forums so it’s a bit unfair to completely bash the product when it could just be your setup/ settings. The issues I’ve had, they’ve really helped me out and now it’s a great experience.
  19. @Netduma Fraser Is there any way to check to see what new games have been added to Geo-Filtering? Do they get updated by firmware updates and added to the release notes?
  20. Managed to hear anything back regarding this?
  21. Set up static IP’s for both Xbox’s and restarted the router. It’s made a huge difference to the connection. Played Red Dead Redemption 2 Online and played Warzone/ Modern Warfare Multiplayer with one of the Xbox’s setup for Geo-filtering and let that Xbox host. I didn’t need to apply the firmware you sent for the open NAT issue with multiple devices. No in-game disconnects and the Geo-Filtering for COD is a total game changer!! A couple of disconnects randomly in the squad lobby but it was very quick to join back in again. Before, I’d die walking around corners instantly, bullets wouldn’t do much damage, big differences between what I’m shooting at and what I’m seeing in kill cam. Last night was a perfect test with how many people were camping around corners. Was able to walk around them and I could at least get shots off, most of the time I’d get the kill. Didn’t get killed once after running around a corner (out of line of sight) while getting shot in the back which used to happen a lot! Multiplayer ping for the both of us was around 25 - 30ms, warzone ping around 40-50ms. A huge improvement over the old router by around 15-20ms which is just crazy. No weird party chat disconnects, no getting disconnected from games. Super happy 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I think I’ll need to test this out at least a dozen more times to be convinced that the issues both our Xbox’s have been having are resolved but so far so good. The best online gaming experience I’ve had I ever with two Xbox’s and we’ve been playing for over 10 years now so a huge thanks for that!
  22. Amazing! Thanks so much for adding it.
  23. Cheers, that would be much appreciated!
  24. This would be great please. Currently works with putting you in a good server, the difference it makes being on a low ping server is huge! Unfortunately, no-one else could join my game and I couldn’t join anyone else’s.
  25. I can see this in the Ping Heatmap but not in the Geo-Filtering, is this compatible?
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