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  1. I used to get disconnected from games as the router couldn't handle 2 xbox's on the same router. Party chat issues with disconnected, high ping, random ping spikes, etc. The XR1000 that I use has lowered our ping in COD by about 15-20ms (seems to now average around 30 - 50ms rather than 50 - 70ms). Not had any disconnects during a game, ping remains constant and the connection is very stable. The settings I'm running are fairly standard: NAT: set to Open Set up static IP's for both consoles. Congestion Control: Download and Upload set to 70% Bandwidth Allocation: Download and Upload - put gaming up to 23% and left everything else as is. Geo-Filter: 726km Are you running your XR500 through an ISP router/modem combo?
  2. Just adding my 2 cents here. I’ve noticed big gaming improvements over the R8000 Nighthawk. Been a game changer for me playing online, I think it’s unfair to say that DumaOS doesn’t work considering there are a lot of people who have seen benefits from it, like myself. Would be good to see some details listed out in terms of your setup and settings rather than a triggered post. To be fair, the response time of the Netduma team on here is phenomenal and I’ve never seen a company being this active in their forums so it’s a bit unfair to completely bash the product when it could just be your setup/ settings. The issues I’ve had, they’ve really helped me out and now it’s a great experience.
  3. @Netduma Fraser Is there any way to check to see what new games have been added to Geo-Filtering? Do they get updated by firmware updates and added to the release notes?
  4. Managed to hear anything back regarding this?
  5. Set up static IP’s for both Xbox’s and restarted the router. It’s made a huge difference to the connection. Played Red Dead Redemption 2 Online and played Warzone/ Modern Warfare Multiplayer with one of the Xbox’s setup for Geo-filtering and let that Xbox host. I didn’t need to apply the firmware you sent for the open NAT issue with multiple devices. No in-game disconnects and the Geo-Filtering for COD is a total game changer!! A couple of disconnects randomly in the squad lobby but it was very quick to join back in again. Before, I’d die walking around corners instantly, bullets wouldn’t do much damage, big differences between what I’m shooting at and what I’m seeing in kill cam. Last night was a perfect test with how many people were camping around corners. Was able to walk around them and I could at least get shots off, most of the time I’d get the kill. Didn’t get killed once after running around a corner (out of line of sight) while getting shot in the back which used to happen a lot! Multiplayer ping for the both of us was around 25 - 30ms, warzone ping around 40-50ms. A huge improvement over the old router by around 15-20ms which is just crazy. No weird party chat disconnects, no getting disconnected from games. Super happy 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I think I’ll need to test this out at least a dozen more times to be convinced that the issues both our Xbox’s have been having are resolved but so far so good. The best online gaming experience I’ve had I ever with two Xbox’s and we’ve been playing for over 10 years now so a huge thanks for that!
  6. Amazing! Thanks so much for adding it.
  7. Cheers, that would be much appreciated!
  8. This would be great please. Currently works with putting you in a good server, the difference it makes being on a low ping server is huge! Unfortunately, no-one else could join my game and I couldn’t join anyone else’s.
  9. I can see this in the Ping Heatmap but not in the Geo-Filtering, is this compatible?
  10. On the issue with me being unable to connect to Warzone while using Geo-Filtering on a single console. Is there any known issues with that? I set Geo-Filtering. Started Warzone and tried to connect. disabled and re-enabled Geo-Filtering and restarted Warzone again with no luck. As soon as I disabled Geo-Filtering, I joined in fine. I did play multiplayer and put it back on without restarting the game and it seemed to pick up the servers that was in my Geo-Filter area. Don’t know if that’s just coincidence or not though.
  11. It’s a pure modem with no WiFi, one of the white rectangle BT OpenReach branded ones that’s a Huawei. I probably won’t have time to do that, factory reset my router and set everything up again tonight but I’ll let you know how it goes when I apply it and play a few games of Xbox. Thanks!
  12. Ah, the only option to DMZ the router? That’s really disappointing to hear. You had suggested firmware before which allows open NAT on multiple devices. I saw some people didn’t have much luck with it though. Is that still an option or was that a TPOC that’s not going to work? Can putting a DMZ on one Xbox on the router, or port forwarding/ port triggering work at all?
  13. It’s the router that provides WiFi, the modem doesn’t have any WiFi, and it’s a modem only, not a modem/ router combo. Both Xbox’s are connected via Ethernet. Under the device it does say ‘Games Consoles’ for both.
  14. Hi, I'm currently trying to set up my router to allow 2 xbox's to work at the same time. The current issues with RDR2 Online is that it takes multiple attempts to join my brother, who's on the same network, and we got disconnected half way through a mission as well. Overall, it wasn't great. At the moment, I just have UPnP enabled, I forgot to set up static IP's so I'll do that and test again tonight. What would the recommended steps be to take to get 2 xbox's working together ok? I don't want to waste a huge amount of time like I have done with my previous router. Unfortunately, I've tried asking others in the house if I could DMZ the router on the modem but everyone refused so that's not an option. I noticed with port forwarding for Call of Duty and RDR2 Online, they only give the option of one port instead of a range for some of them to be able to port forward 2 consoles. I also manually assigned both xbox's to use separate manual ports rather than having one on 3075 and that didn't work either. As I'll have to factory reset the router with the beta firmware to fix the NAT issue with multiple xbox's, I want to leave applying that until last as I've set up every device in the house to have a unique name (50+ devices) so I want to avoid doing that all again if possible. Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated. On another note, there seems to be an issue with Geo-Filtering. I played Red Dead Redemption 2 with Geo-Filtering on to 1200m, both Xbox's added as devices. It joined me into a server but I couldn't join the server for the other xbox which is in my household, or another friend from another household. They also couldn't join me. Disabling geo-filtering and restarting the game worked ok. I also couldn't get Call of Duty Warzone to connect with Geo-Filtering on either with just one xbox on, it kept refusing access on start-up. When disabling it, it would work again so I'm not sure what the issue is with it. I could only get it to work for Rocket League online. In the Ping Heatmap for RL, it only shows several servers worldwide, is there an issue or is there just hardly any servers available anymore?
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