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  1. I have only 2 port forwarding : 5000 for my Synology 32400 for Plex I tried to forward port 80, 443 and 8080 for the Hue bridge but nothing worked...
  2. Hello Fraser, To maybe help, here some screenshots about the configuration. I deactivated IPv6 long time ago Firmware : V2.3.2.40 (i didn't install the one for the drop out)
  3. The bridge can only work in ethernet and I have the same issue in Ethernet... Perhaps, i also found that on UPnP settings, I have nothing showed on the portmap table (but everything work fine)
  4. I disabled it (not put on never but really disabled in the parameters) and nothing again 😕
  5. Yes Fraser ! (sorry i made the mistake in my previous post, but it was what you asked ^^)
  6. Hello Fraser ! Sorry for the delay to answer, now I have more time to test ^^ : IGMP : disabled SIP ALG : activated Ping : OK Not working more 😕 I'm still not able to connect...
  7. For the first configuration, the XR 500 was in AP Mode connected to another router (which provided DHCP, internet connection and all rules). After i was able to remove the old router to use exclusively XR500, so no conflicts and no subnets ^^ but Hue bridge don't work in local (only via Internet). I can access throught port 80 but can't link to my smartphone => i didn't find the port used by the connexion on documentations, with wireshark i will be able to find it i suppose... UPnP is activated with default settings. I'm still looking documentations to find a solution, as I'm not alone here ^^
  8. Hello Big Dog ! After put it in DMZ, nothing more, I can't manage my bridge throught the LAN... Perhaps I can access via it IP but the "push link" button don't work (only in LAN via Internet it's working).
  9. Hello ! I didn't contact their support yet but already looked on their website/forum and I didn't find a solution... I assigned a static IP to the bridge too, but I will try the DMZ assignation. Thanks for this suggestion ! I will revert to you after testing. ---- I put it in DMZ but nothing happen
  10. Hello guys ! I have a strange issue with my Philips Hue bridge and my XR500. I'm not able to connect my phone to the bridge but I have access through the hue website... (So connection is ok) When I was in AP mode, everything worked fine but when I switched to Router mode, I get troubles and now I can't manage with my phone... I use Wifi 2,4GHz, I already deactivated beamforming, igmp proxying as I found this on Netgear forum before asking you :) No one have this problem ? Link phone to bridge with xr500 in router mode ? Thank you !
  11. Hey Fraser ^^, may I ask you to send me this firmware too please ? Thank you :D
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