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  1. @Netduma Fraser if i disabled geo filter then i found matches but from europe and singapore most of the time in my first post i have mentioned server ip address which is wrongly located which i have never been connected to , that server is actually located in ksa which is very populated area for gamers but on ping heat map it shows in America another question i asked earlier should i disabled or enabled UPNP ?
  2. @Netduma Fraser yes at certain times like 7pm to 1am and also certain days like thursday friday saturday and sunday (monday to wednesday its very hard to find matches on even peak hours like 7pm to 1am only issue with battle royal matches , rebirth island mode is always active no issue one thing i want to add is when ever i launch my game and connect to the server , that server sticks and doesn't allow me to connect to another server from same region even if i block that server . that server only change after 4 or 5 hours . (i have noticed each day has its own server id for example on Thursday if i connect to server A then next Thursday i will connect to server A again at same time ) i have disabled dmz and remove all ports should i enabled upnp ?
  3. @Netduma Liam i play on pc i have sent almost every things including my network settings upnp is enabled and on geo filter i have not blocked or denied any server from middleEast
  4. even if i increase the geo filter distance to 3675 km and cover all turkey saudi Arabiya india Pakistan Iran and half of African countries i still can't find match on middle east server French servers are super active and all European servers are far from my location
  5. On ping heat map middle east server is located in United states wrong location on ping heat map and i have never been connected to this server in game , actual location of this server is KSA (Saudi Arabia) In game i connect to this server which is not showing up in ping heat map which is actually located in bahrain middleEast on peak hours which is 7 pm to 1am i am able to find matches but wait time for searching one match is minimum 5min and maximum 20 min after 2am this server is dead
  6. on geo filter page when ever i reboot or unplug router all settings on geo filter page are gone , all blocked servers are gone is there any way to backup so this won't happened or any other fix ? i am using r2 firmware 3.0.205
  7. okay thank you for replying
  8. on ping heat map the server which i am connected in game doesn't ping on heat map it shows in servers ping heat map list but i can't ping that servers when i am not playing game ID :b50f1ae5ac54b3b8 Domain Name: ec2-15-184-84-229.me-south-1.compute.amazonaws.com (i was connected to this server in game ) on ping heat map i can't ping on this server which shows in r2 servers ping heat map list : my 2nd question is some times i get good connection and some times i don't to find good connection i close the game when i feel like my connection is not good so i close the game and connect again most of the time in 3 or 4 attempts i am able to find the right server (this procedure is quite hectic ) so how do i find the right server in my first attempt ? should i change my DNS , i use upstream dns (my modem works like modem (bridge mode) (R2 pppoe username and password ) that's my connection upnp enabled dmz also checked in modem with ip which i use for gaming , ports also forward
  9. hi related to this topic so auto ping host just gives you extra details when you are in match ? so turning off or on means it will not finds you best server ? how to manually check servers details during in match like auto ping host (because on geofilter server disappears after when you are connected ) and how to find the best servers (i use middle east server only and in middle east i added like 30 servers and when i start blocking half of them i couldn't find the match any more so i deleted all of them ) some times i get very good server and some times i don't
  10. sorry for the late reply but i have tried 2mb upload and 2mb download in WZ and CW , for me when i limit upload it works in CW but not in WZ , i haven't tried 0.4 upload yet but surely now i will check and will share the difference
  11. i am also facing same issue since mid December 2020 kill cam shows some thing else which is not matched guy killing me instantly without me even reacting the trick now i use every time when i face this i close app and restart my game and get in to plunder or multiplayer to check by getting in to fights if same thing happened then i re do it until i find the right server (to speed up to find the right server i start downloading and uploading during connecting to game servers when i start the game ) on netduma r2 filtering mode enabled strict mode checked auto ping host unchecked Qos Congestion control Always download limit 2mb (roll down to 2mb) upload maximum i hope it helps
  12. @Netduma Fraser yes you are absolutely right its not chrome its my CCleaner which clean cache and cookie at random time which causes the issue , thankyou for increasing my knowledge about what causes the issue .
  13. @Netduma Fraser the router doesn't reboots itself only tutorial guide how to use all features on the left side like Qos ping heat map geo filter etc shows after day or two which i have to skip every day 2nd issue is auto ping host enable its own when the above glitch or bug happened , rest of all my settings are saved thankfully i am using google chrome browser router doesn't heat up room temperature is 21Centigrade and its placed on wooden table . i have also plugged in and checked on different wall switches same thing happened no change
  14. after day or two my netduma 2 router firmware version 3.0.179 restart guide how to use all features which is annoying to skip every day or 2 , all my settings are saved which didn't change during this bug except in geo filter filtering mode strict mode and auto ping host enabled itself when this bug occurs .i always disabled filtering mode and auto ping host after i close my game .
  15. didn't follow what you mean by pc changes , i am playing on pc
  16. all these ports are forward as TCP, or tcp udp , specially port number 3074 and 3478 ?
  17. i am new here , i recently bought netduma router , R2 firmware 3.0.179 i have been doing experiments with this router i have tried tcp ports only with that settings it was hard to find match but connection was fine (dmz off upnp off , ports forward only tcp) then i tried caddy which didn't work with r2 then i tried default router settings for warzone putting my pc as ps4 in device manager (dmz on upnp on , prts forward tcp and udp ) connection was ok today i tried no router using isp modem router as bridge mode which gives Nat type 1 not 2 and connection was better than fine. bullet registration was fine . matchmaking was very fast except i can't control ping please recommend me which settings are better for call of duty warzone on higher ping like 150 ms to 190 ms , i am from Pakistan and i play mostly on Europe servers because middle east servers gives me laag spikes even tho i am getting 55 to 85 ms ping
  18. i have tried caddy 1.2 but its not working for me on pc Warzone , caddy 1.2 always disappeared and i have to reopen during in game search , i play on middle east servers which are not good servers and also tired on other servers . game play feels much worse duma os r2 with classified games checked caddy 1.2 prioritized port 3074 warzone when un checked classified games caddy 1.2 doesn't prioritized in duma os r2 but i have tested with checked classified games and also after unchecked classified games caddy always disappeared every time i launch the game @RedBull2k in previous posts you mentioned use caddy 1.1 , should i try caddy 1.1 with duma r2 ?
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