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  1. Sorry to hear you are having issues. Looking at the log it seems it's trying to talk to the wrong device. This could be caused by multiple things. Main thing to try is selecting your router type during login. If that doesn't work please check if you are directly connected to your XR1000's wifi. If you are using your original modems wifi connection you wont be able to connect to dumaos. If neither step works please let us know and we can provide further debugging steps.
  2. Hello, This update brings full Adblocker support to the app! Along with adblocker there are many improvements across the board focused on polishing the existing sections of the app, these changes include improved loading screens, plenty of styling tweaks and of course plenty of bug fixes. Release Notes Adblocker support! Smooth loading screens across the app Improved feature handling for different routers/modems Various styling fixes/improvements to unify the look of the app Fixed Traffic Priority scrolling issue Fixed Geo-Filter devices sometimes ignoring suggested default Fixed Geo-Filter restrictions which allowed you to incorrectly configure your devices, breaking some games Fixed Geo-Filter RPC error dialog appearing when overlapping filters are detected Fixed Geo-Filter error when setting radius to 0km Fixed QoS legends to not wrap on smaller screen devices Fixed QoS share excess causing lag spike Fixed exporting diagnostics on Android 10+ Fixed some random hard crashes on Geo-Filter and QoS Fixed first launch welcome screen appearing multiple times Fixed some blurry icons
  3. The app should auto ping just like desktop. If you notice auto pinging on desktop but not on mobile that's a bug in the app and shouldn't be happening. It's worth noting there should be no reason to disable auto ping with the app as it automatically disables it when you have a server manually selected. If you use desktop too then you may still want to disable it.
  4. Hello, Big update mostly comprising of fixes for issues users are reporting. We have also improved diagnostics and error handling to capture those issues that still remain. Finally we added a few new bits, such as the debut of our new graphing solution and Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (Arcadyan) support. Release Notes Resolved login issue caused by auto router on iOS Improved icons, clearer and more efficient Doughnut chart added to traffic prioritization Fixed enable/disable issues with Geo-filter devices Fixed network timeout issues Fixed duplicate pages being shown Fixed forgetting Geo-Filter peer adding peer to allowed list Fixed smart home device handing Properly hide/show Telstra feature set Telstra "Not Full QoS" support Added RPC error handling Moved km/miles setting to Geo-Filter settings Changed order of items in the menu Added support for new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (Arcadyan) Added websocket diagnostics to track down some bugs
  5. Can you try select netgear in router type? We have had some reports of iOS doing strange things with auto router type.
  6. Thank you for getting back to us. Unfortunately as that's not the cause there isn't enough diagnostics to resolve the issue at the moment. In future releases I will add some more diagnostics information to nail the issue down. Until then you will have to use desktop to ping servers.
  7. Cheers for checking, unfortunately there isn't enough diagnostic info to resolve the issue at present. In future updates I will add more logging to nail down the issue. For now there isn't much I can do, you will just have to divide by 1000 in your head. Thank you again for reporting the issue.
  8. @xfalax Hi, please can you check your login credentials on desktop and if wrong please try the correct details on mobile. I suspect that's the real issue.
  9. @KindaBusted Hi, please can you check your login credentials on desktop and if wrong please try the correct details on mobile. I suspect that's the real issue.
  10. @Anilman92 Odd behaviour, I'm certainly not getting the same results here. It displays in ms as it should. Can you tell me which router and version you are running, it says in the top right on desktop. Also can you check if desktop is giving you the expected numbers or if it's also displaying in micro seconds? Regarding auto ping, it should auto ping by selecting a server automatically. It works slightly different to desktop as you don't have to disable it to manually ping a server. However it wont auto select a server if you have manually selected a server so simply tap the map background to deselect the current server and it should start auto pinging again.
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