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  1. Can you take pictures... and put it to see
  2. Hi I need to know what the latest version of firmware is Xr500 (dumaOs)
  3. hi! Fraser I have 2 routers-- 1- XR500..i have dumaos3.0 firmware...all perfect. By the way, what is the latest version? I have on XR500 V2.3.2.104-DumaOS3.0-Beta 2-R1-- I need firmware duma3.0... so you´d be so kind as to leave me the link? Thanks!
  4. could you tell me yours more or less ... it's to guide me
  5. Hi!! I have Xr500 with firmware Duma3.0 some help or settings for Pubg on Ps4? Thanks! ... and great Firmware 3.0 👍🏻
  6. Everyone who has signed up to the Open Beta should have received an email with the new firmware. Can you send me some link? or email? I has signed to the Beta. Thanks!!
  7. Hola a todos .. dumaOs en el xr500 si tiene la opción de Vlan ... no se porqué en R1 no la tiene la verdad
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