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  1. Hey @Deng, Many thanks for your response, its very helpful, let me go through a few points: We don't think this message is a problem, its a warning we are aware of, and it will be fixed in the next firmware release. But shouldn't affect you negatively, so feel free to enable miniupnpd again. We believe this could be the case. Does your issue happen every time the iphone and the HTST5K interact in some way? I mean, every time they connect, or disconnect, does the issue happen? We don't think this could cause the issue, so feel free to reconnect the iPhone to 5g. So, just to be clear, the next steps we are going to take are: We will wait from you to know if the issue happens again. If it happens, does anything specific event trigger the error? Meanwhile, we'll work on replicating that interaction between the iPhone and the soundbar, and we'll investigate if this could be causing any problems.
  2. Hi @Deng, we are still looking into the issue, but we have a couple of questions: Have you got IPv6 disabled on the LAN network? You can check this by going to Settings. If it is disabled, could you enable it and let us know if the issue stops happening? Could you let us know which type device has the following MAC Address? "3c:a0:67:f4:b7:41" You might need to check this on Device Manager. Many thanks in advance!
  3. HI @Deng, many thanks for all the information and logs provided, it is very detailed and helpful to us. Sorry for having responded before, I'm going to have a look more now into the problem. Btw, good finding about the Iphone!
  4. Hi @Deng, unfortunately the logs weren't very useful, so @Netduma Fraser will contact you with the next steps very soon. Many thanks for your patience and your help trying to narrow down this problem
  5. Hi @Deng, many thanks for letting us know, I'm going to have a look at the logs.
  6. Hi @Deng, many thanks for letting me know. I'm having a look at the logs your router has generated, to try to see the error, but so far I haven't found anything wrong. Is it possible that, as you said, this time the reboot was related to your provider and had nothing to do with the r2 hanging up? Also, do you know roughly at about which time this reboot happened?
  7. Hi @Deng, there is something we would like to double check in the logs, so we'll need to replicate the issue one more time. Could you please reboot your unit, and then let us know the next time the issue happens? We have enabled some more debug options to grab more information about the issue. Many thanks for your patience.
  8. Hi @Deng, apologies for the error and thanks for the log, I'm going to double check the info we've got on it.
  9. Okay, if you are losing internet connection completely and can't connect with the unit, wired or wireless, then don't worry and feel free to power cycle when the issue happens. I'll try to enable some remote logging, so even if you cannot connect to the unit we can try to get the information we need. Please let us know next time the issue happens
  10. Hi @Deng, first of all, many thanks for your patience with this issue. I've had a look at the logs in the unit and everything looks normal for now, is the unit working as expected or are you experiencing any issue now? If the unit is working fine now, next time the issue happens, could you come to the forum and let us know before doing a power cycle? We'll like to catch the logs of when the issue happens. Also, about the issue, when the unit hangs up, are you still able of getting internet? Is it just the web interface of DumaOS what stops working, or are your devices losing internet connection? Finally, one extra question. Are you, by any chance, using Hybrid VPN?
  11. Many thanks, its working and I have access. Please let us know of any issues you experience, we are going to work on what you reported so far for the moment. We'll keep you updated about our progress and if we have any more questions.
  12. Hi again @Unfinished, Really appreciate the effort you took into explaining all your issues. The steps to replicate the problems with QoS are very helpful! As for the other issues, we are going to try to replicate/analyze them independently and work on solutions for them. One thing that would be useful for us is to have access to your unit, could you enable the option "Remote access to tech support", which can be found in "Network Settings" > "WAN"? We would like to grab some more verbose logs which could help us with some of the issues described.
  13. Hi @Unfinished, its Adrian from the dev team. First, we are sorry for the error you are experimenting. The log you sent is very useful, and we have a couple of related questions: How often does the issue happens? Is it happening consistently once a week aprox? You mentioned in one of your comments about provoking it to fail. Have you found any set of steps that can help replicating it? Are you having this issue only on the latest firmware, or did you had it on previous ones too?
  14. Hi, it seems some Valorant servers of our dataset have went down (probably the IPs have changed). Also, we are missing many of them, so we will try to make a new update to add more servers. In the meantime, if any of you wants a server added to Valorant, feel free to share it here and we will try adding it (sometimes it doesn't work due to that server's configuration).
  15. Hi @techbbq, I'm Adrian from the dev team. First of all, thank you very much for letting us know about the issue. We are currently looking into it and we expect to give you more updates about it during this week, just so you are aware.
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